Saturday, September 29, 2012


The main energy resources we use (coal, oil, natural gas and uranium) are limited and, therefore, can be depleted. Furthermore, their use results in a significant environmental impact on the biosphere by polluting the air, water and soil.  

These facts have generated a growing interest in the development of new technologies for the use of alternative renewable energy sources that are currently unprofitable but have the advantage of being less polluting.

The present, in our country, alternative energies represent only about 1.5% of energy production

The development of human society is based on the consumption of large amounts of energy. The energy flows through ecosystems and provides a livelihood for living things ultimately comes from the sun

However, despite the scientific and technological development, we have yet to learned to effectively harness this inexhaustible and therefore most of the energy we use comes from the natural resources on our planet, mainly coal and oil.