Sunday, September 2, 2012

Easy to build children's nurseries proposed for Paris's parks

If all goes according to plan, the parks of Paris could soon be dotted with wooden tipis designed by French architects, Djuric Tardio.

Still only a concept, the designers feel that if the design could be mass produced, then they could serve as nurseries for Paris’s parks. The project, titled STICKS, will look at building such infrastructure among the natural surroundings in an easy-to-set-up manner.

STICKS is made up of three circular levels, with the second floor holding classes for around 12 children. For the conical shape, wooden sticks will encircle the structure at an angle to create a sort of screen. The lowest floor can be used for teaching and children’s educational activities while the top-most level will feature a terrace that looks out onto the park’s landscape.

Children’s nurseries can be expensive to build though the demand for construction can be high. As such, parents are left with little option but to send their wards to pricey nurseries. With STICKS, the trend can be reversed as construction is fast and cheap.

Djuric Tardio came up with the idea for the project after realizing the dearth of nurseries in Paris. Unlike other centers, the designers wanted to build one out of natural and eco friendly materials that don’t leach toxic chemicals. The concept was also devised to by-pass the complex decisional process that accompanies any infrastructural aspect. Being simply built means that the makers don’t need to go through arduous red tape that tends to hamper development.

For those wondering if constructing a nursery in the middle of a park is sustainable and environmentally sound, Djuric Tardio are of the view that STICKS will only be built in unused areas of parks. During breaks, the children can be made to enjoy the greenery and serenity of the surroundings off-peak hours.

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