Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New York Triples the Production of Solar Energy through the installation of panels in city-owned ten buildings

Green building practices are receiving a boost with each passing day. Buildings are making the best use of resources, which in turn reduces the impact of construction not only on the environment and human life.

Taking advantage of renewable resources, installation of solar panels, photovoltaic systems, green roofs etc. New York is also following the green route.

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New York has three times the capacity of Solar energy
The city has completed the installation of solar panels in ten buildings and gone beyond the limits to increase its production of solar energy to help now to several homes in the city. These panels are installed in many buildings, including schools and firehouses.

The city is thus paving the way for a cleaner tomorrow, through the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, which are an efficient approach using the city's resources to promote and support the maximum use of renewable energy sources in the region.

In addition to this, it will also ensure a supply of clean, consistent power and a reasonable price. Bloomberg, Mayor of the city is also trying to be respectful in his own personal life through the installation of a green roof at home and paint the white roof to reduce global warming, which will be beneficial for him, as well as for the environment of the city into a place better for residents.

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