Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Type of Bacteria Modified to Produce Fuel

Researchers at the Technological Institute of Massachusetts (MIT) have managed to manipulate the genes from one bacterium llamada "Ralstonia Eutropha" it has given a result Isobutanol, a type of alcohol that could replace the gasoline.

The author this
find is Christopher Brigham, who states that the bacterium Ralstonia Eutropha When he leaves his growing use all energy in the manufacturing complex compounds carbon.
And at its source essential nutrients are restricted meeting in ten and Ella access, mainly nitrate phosphate initiates a way of storage carbon. This storage of carbon ten one composition very similar to plastic oil in it, and you are here team where he was modifying some genes and inserting another gene of another body will achieved this bacterium clogs can generate fuel instead of plastic.
With this modification the bacteria intended that the bacteria use carbon dioxide as fuente instead of carbon as well as other types of agricultural waste, with these changes in the bacterium pueda get turned into fuel also.
With samples growing large enough, the researchers have succeeded in proving that pueden obtain quantities of Isobutanol, stating that one of
their next objectives are to increase the speed of production and obtaining this type of fuel as well as the implementation of bioreactors for industrial level to get significant amounts of Isobutanol.

Nobody knows if this is a major breakthrough in the search for new sources for natural substitutes for fuel, although we have to wait and see about their research at the technological institute of Massachusetts. In the achievement of the new type of fuel, although it inconvenient in this aspect, but to avoid the emission
of CO2 into the atmosphere and protection of the environment makes new type of fuel important.