Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Solar Panels

Solar energy has become one of the most important renewable energy, and in fact we ourselves not only have her in cars or appliances running on this energy, but also can take home with solar panels we can settle ourselves and that will take full advantage of sunlight and thus not having to use electricity, so we need to know what is the best or most suitable for our needs.

There are two types of solar panels and photovoltaic panels that are traditional, they are perhaps best known, and layer panels fina.La difference between the two, or indeed what everyone knows about them is that the PV can be installed in the ground or on poles or roof and also its size is quite considerable.En the case of thin film, which in fact are also photovoltaic, I must say they are much thinner, which are installed with relative ease in a roof or on a deck, for example, and that many people are much more aesthetic, or to put it somewhat more attractive.

Photovoltaic solar panel, and surely you have seen on the top of buildings or in large fields, are able to collect their energy from sunlight and through the use of a silicone and other materials that allow you to store such energy, its very good when the sun is shining, that is, they bring a lot of energy but not when the sun sets, so you have a storage system that allows us to have stored energy, similar to what making the margin baterĂ­as.Al a clear difference between the thickness, or the way they are installed, it must be said that the solar panels are photovoltaic or thin film, are both quite expensive to install (the thin layer a little more), and although we probably will not reach the budget, we must keep in mind that eventually will be an investment of future. You can now spend much money on settling panels on our deck, but think all the money in the long run and over the years, you'll be saving on conventional electricity.

This type of solar panels also "suck" energy from the sun, although many people are still better, simply because they are much thinner, and indeed are able to give us lots energy.  The panels are of a very thin film, are made from a material that is lightweight and flexible. A material which allows very thin layers and that is reactive making avoid the necessity of thick layers of other panels.Es why repeat, are better for many people, but can be placed on the soil or tile deck or a roof and without any support.

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