Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World Day of the Environment

World environment day is not something that occurs on a few years ago and in fact was established as such in 1972 and before the holding of the Conference of Stockholm, Sweden, by the United Nations General Assembly, which focused its meetings in the care for the environment.

The UN wanted to appoint June 5th as world environment day, since thus intended that stir the conscience collective of citizens and as not that of the Governments of all countries, so they have a little more care of the environment.

The main objectives of the celebration of this day is mainly motivate people so that they become active agents of everything that has to do with the sustainable development.On the other hand, the promote that the communities have a change in attitude with respect to environmental issues and to ensure cooperation among these so all Nations can ensure a prosperous and secure future.The truth is that these points or goal are very commendable, and in fact many countries meet and enact them not only on June 5, although some companies, especially in capitalist countries, are still difficult that citizenship has just been raising with a theme, medium room, which should be one of our major concerns.

In the celebrations that occur on this day, stand out the concentrations in the street, the meeting of artists for "ecological", concerts as well as all kinds of recycling, planting trees or forests cleaning campaigns.

Important is the work which is also done in the schools, where many children learn precisely what is the care of the environment and the importance of this, to celebrate the world day of the environment.In this way, children can learn and also put into practice some of the aforementioned activities so that they become aware, and since they are very small, a problem that affects us all.

Some of the problems that affect our environment are the toxic large industries uimicos, disproportionate seas exploitation, deforestation of forests and jungles, between others, they also on this day can be special in the news that explains what the current status of zones and documentary on television, on the planet, just already have natural resources.

Environment day is a day where he also gives voice and shows these people living on the poverty line; people in fact have no unfortunately access to drinking water and often living in areas that are also suffering, and much, the problem of the environment in a very direct way.We need all of us to celebrate this day, but all are important to take into account our environment, and bet on a life in which care for the planet in which we live is something our priority.