Thursday, September 20, 2012

NASA Develops Ecological Propellant

The problem of the use of Fossil hydrocarbons is not only economic but also ecological, and therefore that is emerging as an alternative to the morning the use of electric cars as a solution to the daily mobility, coupled with the development of new sources of Clean energy sources ranging from the use of cars to food remains (which uses the technique of Biogas for a fuel efficient) until the creation of new technologies which take advantage of other sources energy, not only applied to cars but to all transport in general.

That is why that the well-known United States space agency has a project that seeks to incorporate Green energy among its ranks, whereas each transport is released into space to demand an innumerable amount of fuel in hand.

NASA official spokesmen have confirmed the development of a new propellant that seeks to replace the current Hydrazine fuel, which although it has a great performance for their function, is also a substance highly toxic.

Said the implementation of different Technologies propellants that have the same or better performance than the current fuel used in spacecraft, which are fundamental premise the reduction to the Environmental impact.

Currently used hydrazine, which has a high efficiency for missions, can be stored for long periods of time and can be used both satellites and exploration missions employing ferry, but this has its downside.

Not only he is a huge economic cost for operation and processing, but that it also implies a danger to its corrosive and highly toxic, power that is motivating to the search for new technologies.