Monday, September 10, 2012

Tesla Model X

On this occasion we bring what pillar of one of the new models from one of the firms pioneering technologies of Electric motors and its high performance, the American company, Tesla Motors, the presentation of a new prototype.

With the creation of the Tesla Model X prototype, seeks to provide an electric solution who are looking for a family-friendly car, without having any characteristics of a utility, but with benefits and amenities they offer.
This leads to a design that allows you to place the same platform Battery Pack fitted in cars of this signature (and give this outstanding autonomy) but mounted on a structure that is much higher than other cars of the firm.

As all luxury car that we dream to have, the rear seats are accessed via a door system Gullwing (to which Tesla prefers to call Hawk wings) that allows complete freedom to include a third row of seats, which can be easily accessed.

The motorization, it has two available variants (one of 60 KWh and another 85 kWh) that revolve around the same performance, giving an acceleration from 0 to 100 in a range close to 5 seconds.
The series model will be available late in the year 2013, starting to be delivered to their buyers in early 2014.