Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China leads the production of alternative energy

This statistic was released recently in World energy 2010 Congress. China, the Asian giant is the leader world in the renewable, in absolute terms, i.e. in quantity of energy production. Various alternative methods of production of electricity have had a very important boost in recent years and are expected to keep this rise by at least ten years.


In the last decade renewable energy took an important impetus as spoke Liu Zhenya, Executive of the largest energy company in the country. The data supplied are highly positive: the production of wind energy has increased exponentially 21 times;and the generation of solar energy multiplied 47 times.

According to forecasts that handle, in ten years, China will have a significant growth of renewable energy, with an estimated production capacity of:

300 gigawatios through hydropower (75 per cent of large generators)

by 90,17 gigawatios wind energy  


But these figures do not confuse us, China is a real monster in energy consumption, and these enormous amounts of renewable energy are actually a very small part of total production.Forecasts for 2020 indicate that:

only 2% consists of alternative energy (wind and solar), 9% hydroelectric, 58.5 per cent from coal, 26.5% of oil and natural gas, 4% of nuclear energy.

Anyway, thanks to increasing investments in alternative energy production there will be a significant reduction in the quantities produced of gases with greenhouse of the country.Carbon emissions will be reduced by 1.6 billion pounds per year.



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Monday, November 22, 2010

Leading Zurcal in renewable energy

Spain is in the 2010 one of the countries with the biggest photovoltaic solar power. The Valencian group Zurcal has become leader of renewable energies.


For more than 15 years, the Group Zurcal is dedicated to the development of renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy.In addition, the company has over 40 years of experience in energy efficiency and savings.

According to data provided by the International Energy Agency, Spain already had some 2500 MW of photovoltaic power installed in 2008 and this year is estimated at between the 3.523 MW of installed power.

Furthermore, Zurcal is a company classified as contractor of works of the State and has obtained a classification category E, being the highest category, it accredits to tackle projects given its solvency and corporate quality.

Zurcal intends to make enterprises of great importance because it provides efficiency and capacity to carry them out.In Valencia, which is where its headquarters, Zurcal is planning and evaluating energy projects to continue at the forefront of the renewable. All of this, regardless of the projects that exist in the Netherlands and soon in Italy, Chile and California.

Without a doubt, Zurcal is company leader in energy renov ables in Spain, and everything indicates that this 2010 are more dedicated to the photovoltaic solar energy.

For more information, see their website: or contact us via e-mail at:

Vía|Valencia Business

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turbine wind, violet

The Wind energy, basically, is the transformation of air in electrical power or other useful forms of energy obtained by autogeneradores which are placed in the so-called Wind turbine, that together and grouped together make up a Park wind Kinetic energy.

Parque Eolico

However not everything is as favourable as it seems that while the use of this form of energy is sufficiently viable is noticed recently a serious problem in regards to creatures which are mobilized through the air.

These wind turbines threaten many birds and bats, by having a white or light grey which, as many know, attracts remarkably large number of insects, which in turn make come to hunt, becoming injured painting and until dead during operation.

The solution proposed by the researchers, who noticed this attraction colors both day and night, is that these turbines are painted in a glossy violet, enough as to prevent this attraction between hunters and prey that is detrimental to a large number of species.

To this research, currently in development, the influence of heat produced in the turbines has been added and their influence on echolocation ability allows to bat dodging obstacles and objects during his flight, a topic that has already been addressed in Erenovable but from another aspect.

Via: Telegraph

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Friday, November 19, 2010

New process of conversion of solar energy that duplicates the efficiency

Scientists from the University of Stanford have developed a new process, simultaneously combines light and solar heat to generate electricity. Its primary importance is that it is estimated that this new method could be more than twice the efficiency that delivers current technology in solar panels


Stanford who participated in the research engineers have called this process P.E.T.E. (original name in English: "photon enhanced thermionic emission").But apart from the increase in efficiency, P.E.T.E. Another great advantage: the reduction of the cost of production of solar energy.Both benefits (more efficiently for less cost) unregulated competition with oil as a source of energy.

Currently used in the solar photovoltaic technology becomes less efficient as the temperature increases. Unlike her P.E.T.E. processworks best at high temperatures, above the 200 degrees celsius. For this reason, the new process works better parabolic dishes that rooftop solar panels.

The materials needed to build a device that works with this new technology are inexpensive and are easily achieved.This allows you to be one of alternative clean energy can be used by a large number of people.


Science Daily

More information in:

Stanford University

Journal Nature materials


Detail of a small device to process P.E.T.E in Science Daily

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Monday, November 8, 2010

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alternative energy is the future of green energy?

President Bush has called for a 22% increase in the Federal grants for research and development of alternative energy. Unfortunately, the world's thirst for oil is growing, not diminish. Is one of the biggest problems of a transition to alternative energy that higher oil and gas prices to stimulate the economy through increased employment of the employees of the industry and the supply of services and of support of the oil industry and oil company profits that lucrative keep stocks on Wall Street. So, when prices are rising, companies and employees and contractors are not always inclined to look for alternatives. But if oil production starts off as a scientist and oil executives to predict, our wide range problems, especially when it comes to transport-cars, planes, trains and ships for which there is no alternative is ready for petroleum-based fuels.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates speculate that peak oil will after 2020, but a number of oil geologists and executives predict that it will happen much faster.According to a controversial new model developed by a Swedish physicist, global oil production will peak sometime next year until 2018 and then refuse. While the amount of the new technologies and infrastructures need to be developed and built is staggering, the Corporation company after springing up all over the world, helped by the various Governments tax cuts and discount incentives, the Mission of the alternative energy.

Alternative or "green" energy more and more profitable for investors and potential employers and the continuing problems-brewing in the Middle East, Nigeria and other areas that are of interest to the oil economy have made it clear that we Americans to the development of new routes for energy supply and production. Furthermore, claims that the petrochemical processing and use contribute to the warming of the world's population demand for switching to alternative forms of energy to reduce damage to the atmosphere.

Sustainable energy resources that is currently being developed, which can act as alternatives to massive amounts of oil and coal, bio-fuels of things such as corn, soybeans, sugar cane and sophisticated hydropower technology, natural gas, hydrogen, fuel cells, the further development of nuclear power plants, the further development of solar energy, photovoltaic cells, more research into wind power.

The most recently developed technologies have brought the wind turbine wind produced energy that cost more are working effectively, and in General, more market compete with conventional energy technologies.Solar cells or photovoltaic cells, technologies have already been implemented in the pocket calculators, private property lighting, u.s. Coast Guard buoys and other areas.Because the costs, an increasing number of solar cells on the roofs of the housing and commercial buildings and building complexes. energy efficiency (the ratio between the amount of work required to ensure that their energy production compared with the real energy production) is steadily increasing.

Photovoltaic cells make absolute zero contamination during the generation of electricity.Photovoltaic cells, however, are not at the moment as cost-effectively as "tool" produced electricity. cells "PV" are not available at these amounts of the industrial production of to produce electricity.

Alternative energies of currents, tides, and temperature differences are ready for a new and dominant form of clean energy. ensuring such energy sources are centered around the problems with the deterioration of the metals in salt water, marine growth such as barnacles and storms in the past have been problems. However, these problems, for the most part, have been resolved by the use of other, better materials. Ocean-generated energy has a huge advantage because the time of the ocean currents and waves are well understood and reliable.

Vickie Adair is the senior technical writer on media a-team ( and also publishes as a freelance writer. She writes for a variety of websites such as, an online directory and news site for Houston production community and, a list of online business that sell or produce biological and/or natural products.

Friday, November 5, 2010

4 reliable suppliers of alternative energy

1. Amelot Holdings is an American company specialized in the development of ethanol and biodiesel plants. It shall inform the relationships between the researchers and the providers of alternative energy. The company makes joint ventures and mergers between the research facilities and the manufacturers of alternative energy. So there is Exchange of information and technology that helps to promote the growth of the alternative energy industry.

2. environmental Power is another alternative energy supplier. It has two subsidiaries, namely Microgy and thief Power. Microgy connects research and development in the field of alternative energy. A cost-effective biogas plant has been built up by the use of agricultural and plant waste. It focuses on environmentally friendly production of renewable energy such as biogas to compare with the standards of natural gas.The biogas is used in internal combustion engines, as well as for the heating of homes and offices. common buzzard power has a 83MW energy facility to generate "green" energy from coal waste.

Environmental flow consists of the year 1982 and has a long history of the development in the field of clean energy. the company has developed and operated in such a way municipal waste projects and hydro-electric power stations and assisted in pure gases generation and energy recovery. It has a team of experts in the sector, agriculture and Finance to the management of the company and its growth and expansion.

3. Intrepid Technology and Resources Incorporated (ITR) processes animal waste in natural gas as an alternative energy source.American supply of natural gas is depleted. ITR is of the opinion that the animal waste of two billion tonnes per year produced can be used to generate the tide of natural gas on the deficit. Their "organic waste digesters ' close to the places of the organic waste, clean methane gas, which is a viable option for natural gas is to produce. The company is based in Idaho, but would like to extend its activities to the country as a whole.

4. Nathaniel energy generates energy from waste. the company has figured out s system known as total value preservation System (TVPS) that has the potential of waste for the generation of energy. Industrial waste, which would otherwise have been removed or destroyed are fully mobilised to restore the energy that imprisoned. The production costs of the generation of alternative energy are equal to the cost of a company for pollution control systems and preventions to install.TVPS is an innovative technology that valuable resources provided by other processes do not restore to do so.

There are a lot of companies such as those listed above, covering the use of innovative technology to complement our diminishing supply of natural resources by taking environmentally friendly methods to generate alternative energy and renewable energy.There is a need to invest in research into alternative energy sources as a replacement for fossil fuels.The future of the world depends on industries that can help to achieve this goal. the Governments of the different countries should work together on the exchange of ideas and information for how to solve the problem of climate change and environmental destruction. alternative energy suppliers such as the above mentioned companies can play an important role in this process and the Government can promote these companies by providing them with subsidies.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Investment trends for alternative energy funds

The current trend for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources, was about $ 155 billion invested last year in the alternative energy funds. This Fund does not include even large hydroelectric power, which shows that the case is getting wider and bigger as time expires.

Awareness for more alternative energy sources has spurred even the big powerful companies and investors to invest their money in support of the cause. This year, even expected to go higher.In the alternative energy funds received $ 13.5 billion to companies that are developing new technologies to more renewable sources of energy. Approximately $ 117 billion was invested in projects that focus on renewable energy sources such as wind, biofuels, solar and geothermal energy.

This increase in the resources of the alternative energy is the result of six times higher than that of 2004. Even if the global economic crisis on the most companies loomed, there was a high turn-out in the field of alternative energy resources.

Different countries are showing a great deal of support in this case for renewable energy sources, which are more awareness and support from all over the world.Emerging economies such as Brazil and China have contributed to the increase of 5% of the total amount of funds that are devoted to alternative resources.

According to UN Secretary General and the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim Steiner, the economic crisis has certainly affect the campaign for clean energy.This is especially true in the United States, where the investment decreased by 2%. efforts are still just as overwhelming, especially now that renewable energy is becoming mainstream.

Clearly, the efforts of China, which is currently the second largest market in wind energy. This is in terms of new capacity, as well as the photovoltaic industry. geothermal energy is becoming more and more used, especially in countries such as Kenya, Japan and Australia.

Developing countries such as Chile, Brazil, the Philippines and Peru have brought in the policies and legislation in energy savings and more environmentally friendly ways of life and energy production would stimulate. these countries have taken note of the funds for alternative energy and mobilization, even in the non-governmental organisations.

Among all energy sources could wind the largest amount in alternative energy.Solar energy, however, was the largest increase in terms of market share, while bio-energy a bit Dim with 9 percent.

One of the answers of the countries on the economic crisis is creating stimulus packages that specific provisions to improve energy efficiency, renewable energy sources.This new listings can significantly contribute to the efforts of cleaner energy.This alternative energy resources would most surely support the market for cleaner energy.

Because of these efforts, it is assumed that prices for green energy tools also would fall.Solar panels, for example, is expected to soon with 43% in terms of price. This is because the supply bottleneck is more flexible, allowing more suppliers can produce according to the requirements of the countries.The pursuit of sustainable energy also increased alternative energy shall also apply in the case of the companies that produce them.

This proves that the private sector quickly catch up on the trend is. investments were also observed in the sticking point last year, but this year, they have to get and even to increase substantially. investments in sustainable energy are also one of the largest incentives in the Governments all over the world. efforts are noticed and reported in another occasion. in Asia, China remains the giant also in alternative energy resources.

There is a clear message that not all of these alternative energy resources from all over the world. banks are encouraged to take their lending to the energy sector, tax exemptions or deduction will be prompted for renewable energy, and increased efforts are on the way to the alternative energy resources and investment flows.

The plans that are supported by alternative energy resources are scattered over the short, medium and long term objectives. until such time as the several Governments of countries around the world continue to support the cause, we'll soon be in a more sustainable world.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy

There are individual opinion about a source of energy that they want to use it for, but taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of eligible.

It is a well-known Act which is an environmentally friendly can be through the use of alternative energy sources and the whole world to save the waste natural resources. many countries have shown that make use of renewable energy sources, they have lead to numerous job opportunities for their people.

One must look at the pros and cons of the alternative sources of energy.If only the electricity can be stored in comparison with the renewable energy, which have the maximum impact of operation.It is not possible to be able to save of the alternative energy source or consume large amounts of. every person will use the alternative energy, an adequate knowledge of what they use and how to maintain. most people don't know much about alternative energy, only those who specialize in it, which is a big disadvantage for most people.

Solar energy

Solar energy works wonderfully and would save us a lot of electricity. one of the biggest advantages of this is that solar energy is always free and plentiful. depending on which part of the world a person lives in will determine whether they may be able to rely on solar energy only rather than electricity. People who are in the higher levels life do not make use of the solar energy, because it can't be made available in these areas in spite of their need to have it.Solar energy is the best alternative energy for homes.

Wind energy

To wind to work as an alternative energy, there would have to be much.This alternative energy source best generated in places with maximum water content, by weight, in order to protect air recording, it is necessary to have a lot of space where the wind mills can be built. this alternative energy source cannot be created by these regions with less air.

Tidal power

Of the ocean Tides are used for natural power of power stations for energy. this form of energy is very irregular depends on the movement of the tides varies from so many factors. tidal power are potentially hazardous for the safety of the animals and birds as well.

Hydro-electric power

This is the energy that, in principle, in favour of the operations of the dam. the water of the ocean is what is used to the dam. by this method, the level of energy used to the optimum. the main drawback is that it is not possible for the construction of dams in all places, and with so much money is required.