Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China leads the production of alternative energy

This statistic was released recently in World energy 2010 Congress. China, the Asian giant is the leader world in the renewable, in absolute terms, i.e. in quantity of energy production. Various alternative methods of production of electricity have had a very important boost in recent years and are expected to keep this rise by at least ten years.


In the last decade renewable energy took an important impetus as spoke Liu Zhenya, Executive of the largest energy company in the country. The data supplied are highly positive: the production of wind energy has increased exponentially 21 times;and the generation of solar energy multiplied 47 times.

According to forecasts that handle, in ten years, China will have a significant growth of renewable energy, with an estimated production capacity of:

300 gigawatios through hydropower (75 per cent of large generators)

by 90,17 gigawatios wind energy  


But these figures do not confuse us, China is a real monster in energy consumption, and these enormous amounts of renewable energy are actually a very small part of total production.Forecasts for 2020 indicate that:

only 2% consists of alternative energy (wind and solar), 9% hydroelectric, 58.5 per cent from coal, 26.5% of oil and natural gas, 4% of nuclear energy.

Anyway, thanks to increasing investments in alternative energy production there will be a significant reduction in the quantities produced of gases with greenhouse of the country.Carbon emissions will be reduced by 1.6 billion pounds per year.



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