Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turbine wind, violet

The Wind energy, basically, is the transformation of air in electrical power or other useful forms of energy obtained by autogeneradores which are placed in the so-called Wind turbine, that together and grouped together make up a Park wind Kinetic energy.

Parque Eolico

However not everything is as favourable as it seems that while the use of this form of energy is sufficiently viable is noticed recently a serious problem in regards to creatures which are mobilized through the air.

These wind turbines threaten many birds and bats, by having a white or light grey which, as many know, attracts remarkably large number of insects, which in turn make come to hunt, becoming injured painting and until dead during operation.

The solution proposed by the researchers, who noticed this attraction colors both day and night, is that these turbines are painted in a glossy violet, enough as to prevent this attraction between hunters and prey that is detrimental to a large number of species.

To this research, currently in development, the influence of heat produced in the turbines has been added and their influence on echolocation ability allows to bat dodging obstacles and objects during his flight, a topic that has already been addressed in Erenovable but from another aspect.

Via: Telegraph

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