Friday, November 5, 2010

4 reliable suppliers of alternative energy

1. Amelot Holdings is an American company specialized in the development of ethanol and biodiesel plants. It shall inform the relationships between the researchers and the providers of alternative energy. The company makes joint ventures and mergers between the research facilities and the manufacturers of alternative energy. So there is Exchange of information and technology that helps to promote the growth of the alternative energy industry.

2. environmental Power is another alternative energy supplier. It has two subsidiaries, namely Microgy and thief Power. Microgy connects research and development in the field of alternative energy. A cost-effective biogas plant has been built up by the use of agricultural and plant waste. It focuses on environmentally friendly production of renewable energy such as biogas to compare with the standards of natural gas.The biogas is used in internal combustion engines, as well as for the heating of homes and offices. common buzzard power has a 83MW energy facility to generate "green" energy from coal waste.

Environmental flow consists of the year 1982 and has a long history of the development in the field of clean energy. the company has developed and operated in such a way municipal waste projects and hydro-electric power stations and assisted in pure gases generation and energy recovery. It has a team of experts in the sector, agriculture and Finance to the management of the company and its growth and expansion.

3. Intrepid Technology and Resources Incorporated (ITR) processes animal waste in natural gas as an alternative energy source.American supply of natural gas is depleted. ITR is of the opinion that the animal waste of two billion tonnes per year produced can be used to generate the tide of natural gas on the deficit. Their "organic waste digesters ' close to the places of the organic waste, clean methane gas, which is a viable option for natural gas is to produce. The company is based in Idaho, but would like to extend its activities to the country as a whole.

4. Nathaniel energy generates energy from waste. the company has figured out s system known as total value preservation System (TVPS) that has the potential of waste for the generation of energy. Industrial waste, which would otherwise have been removed or destroyed are fully mobilised to restore the energy that imprisoned. The production costs of the generation of alternative energy are equal to the cost of a company for pollution control systems and preventions to install.TVPS is an innovative technology that valuable resources provided by other processes do not restore to do so.

There are a lot of companies such as those listed above, covering the use of innovative technology to complement our diminishing supply of natural resources by taking environmentally friendly methods to generate alternative energy and renewable energy.There is a need to invest in research into alternative energy sources as a replacement for fossil fuels.The future of the world depends on industries that can help to achieve this goal. the Governments of the different countries should work together on the exchange of ideas and information for how to solve the problem of climate change and environmental destruction. alternative energy suppliers such as the above mentioned companies can play an important role in this process and the Government can promote these companies by providing them with subsidies.

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