Friday, September 30, 2011

Thorium Energy Is Promising Green Alternative Energy Source To Uranium

Thorium energy is a safe, green alternative energy with a promising future. Thorium is a low-level, radio-active element in the earth's crust. Approximately four times more abundant than uranium, thorium was discovered in 1828 by Jons Jacob Berzelius. Thorium's symbol in the Periodic Table of Elements is Th.

When thorium is converted as an energy source it is known as LFTR and often pronounced as lifter. LFTR is an acronym for Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. When thorium is treated with a salt solution it is turned into a liquid heat energy source that is extremely powerful. LFTR is so efficient and powerful that it led Carlo Rubbia of the European Organization For Nuclear Research to say "A ton of thorium can produce as much energy as 200 tons of uranium or as much as 3,500,000 tonnes of coal."

Safe Green Alternative Energy Source
The physical properties of thorium are not conducive for extracting plutonium for nuclear proliferation. This makes for a much safer alternative to uranium. Also, thorium in its spent form has approximately only 1 to 2 percent of the volume of waste as uranium. This eliminates vast transportation resources which could in turn help prevent a catastrophic accident in moving nuclear waste.
Thorium energy is very clean which is another reason why several green alternative energy enthusiasts support LFTR. The process of the molten salt reactor makes for a clean, green alternative energy source.

Oakridge National Laboratory
The Oakridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, TN actually had a working thorium energy model way back in the 1960's. Unfortunately, because of the nuclear arms race, thorium was discredited because of its lack of plutonium proficiency. India is capitalizing on thorium having built a multi-billion dollar thorium energy plant. The United States, Russia, China, France and Japan have spent millions on R & D concerning LFTR but lag behind India in actual production.

The U.S.A. has an abundant thorium supply in the earth's crust with most of it being in northern Idaho and southern Montana. The bulk of this vast reserve is owned by Thorium Energy Inc.

Financial Savings
The financial savings to nations who switch or add the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor to their current energy program are substantial. Billions of dollars can be saved for the following reasons.

Security: With virtually no threat of nuclear proliferation untold financial resources will be saved.
Supply: Abundant resources lower cost in almost any endeavor.
Storage: Minimal when compared to uranium.
Transportation: Trucking and fuel related cost reduced because thorium's efficiency of size scale.
Fuel rods: Does not need nuclear fuel rods replaced. Uranium fuel rods heat up to potentially dangerous levels and must be replaced on a regular basis.
Recycle: Thorium can be reused opposed to uranium.
Present and future generations: Spared problems unforseen with uranium leakage into water reservoirs and natural habitat.

Thorium - Abundant, Efficient & Safe Green Alternative Energy Source
If thorium is so abundant, efficient, safe and green then why aren't we using it? This question may best be answered by another question - and answer. Why is the world taking so long to switch from gas run to electric cars? Because just like with energy, when a resource is cheap and abundant there is no outcry from the public. Once it hits the old pocket-book, that is when people complain. Sure, there are those of us who want to change because of environmental and security reasons also. But by and large it is the almighty dollar that speaks the loudest creating economies of scale for needed change.
Whatever the reason, thorium energy solves so many problems let us make the necessary adjustments for this safe, green alternative energy source.

Demonstration against the combustible fossils and the renewable energy in the White House

In the last few days is carried out in the Washington, United States, the Powershift 2011 Conference (we could translate it as Change energy). This initiative brings together 10,000 young leaders in environmental organizations to discuss the implementation of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. To complete this event, will be now held a massive demonstration in front of the Casa Blanca.


You are expected to be about 5,000 young people who attend this demonstration which will begin at the White House, where they may require for the actions of the President Obama for nuclear energy, gas and coal. They will then head to the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce (us chamber of commerce) where are represented the big polluters companies and from which is repeatedly sabotage attempts to move forward in the fight against climate change. They then continue protest against the subsidiary of BP (the company guilty of terrible 2010 Gulf oil spill), offices of Gene-On, an energy company that works by burning coal in the State of Virginia.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


The experience presented has been developing in our small organic farm of one hectare, Bioagricultura White House, located in the Valley of the Lurín River, Pachacamac, district 35 km south of the city of Lima, Peru. We grow a wide variety of products such as cassava (manioc), potato, sweet potatoes (potato), beans, corn, vegetables, banana, strawberry and various aromatic herbs. We also raise guinea pigs (Guinea) for meat and for the recycling of nutrients for the farm.

More than ten years ago, in 1994, we decided to build a bio-digester, Chinese model that at that date had a population of 600 animals to make better use of manure produced by the Guinea Pigs on a farm. To date, the Guinea pig manure was used primarily as compost, already out of directly or mixed with the stubble or crop waste for compost preparation, payment produced under aerobic conditions.

Currently the population of Guinea Pigs fluctuates between 900 and 1000 units and produces us approximately three metric tonnes of manure per month (36 tons per year). It is from this animal biomass produced in the farm - which adds the plant biomass (crop residues) - which promotes recycling. Through these processes we can not only produce bioabonos, in liquid or solid form, but also biogas.
The process that is performed using the bio-digester is somehow a mirror of what happens in nature when buried for millions of years biomass decomposes in anaerobic conditions produces a substantial reservoir of natural gas or biogas.

The bio-digester Bioagricultura White House holds ten cubic meters. The central Chamber has three holes that are connected: a central hole that only opens once a year, for the initial loading and unloading; a lateral hole connected to a tube that goes near the bottom of the camera and serves to regular food, and finally a third hole connected to a side Chamber where the liquid bioabono or biol comes out.

Load initial or load Fund with which the bio-digester feeds each year is composed of a precompost that, in the case of White House Bioagricultura is prepared based on corn stubble and Guinea pig manure. A ton of this precompost, which has three to four weeks of preparation, and with a temperature of between 50 and 55 ° C, is introduced by the central mouth and mix with 200 litres of rumen or from the stomach of cattle pigswill cattle freshly slaughtered; This material is obtained in a slaughterhouse or slaughterhouse in the area, only once a year and usually free because it is considered discard material. Rumen or basofia contains a high burden of anaerobic microorganisms responsible for the fermentation process and the production of biogas, especially methane.

Then adds water to fill a volume of approximately eight cubic meters, leaving the two cubic meters remaining for the storage of biogas in the upper part of the central Chamber of the bio-digester. Immediately comes to close the centre hole with a heavy lid envelope which even placed stones to avoid be lifted by the pressure of the biogas produced.

Weekly feeds the bio-Digester with a mixture of water, and Guinea pig manure in 1: 3 ratio allows us to have a sufficient volume of gas for the entire week.

Within one year of the initial supply of the bio-digester is done downloading, getting solid bioabono or biosol. In the original download is performed by the centre hole is very cumbersome and complicated. To facilitate the downloading of the biosol we have made a modification to the original design of the bio-digester, which consists of the construction of a side window that gives adjacent to the bio-digester ambience and is tightly closed with a subject with pins galvanized iron lid.

The bio-digester Bioagricultura White House comes running efficiently since it was built 10 years ago and thanks to biogas production we have been able to save significantly the cost of electricity in the House.
Once the bio-digester begins to produce biogas (a five or six days), in the summer this energy can be used as fuel in the kitchen or for lighting directly by gas lamps. If you have an electric generator powered by gasoline, prior amendment of the carburetor, it can make it work with biogas (methane) to produce electricity.
We get steadily liquid bioabono or biol, which is not only an excellent organic fertilizer for our crops, but rather by their content of phytohormones, is a valuable activator of growth and flowering of plants, in particular of fruit trees.

The third product in the bio-digester obtained annually to perform the download when collected solid bioabono or biosol, which is an excellent fertiliser for crops.

Given the growing interest by the bio-digesters, each year, when we download the bio-digester and reload it, we offer courses with the motto "learning by doing', in which participants can learn in a very practical way how a bio-digester is built, how it works and how download and then upload.

Without a doubt one of the central attractions of the farm is observed the bio-digester operation as part of the work of recycling we do using all waste the farm produces.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heating Water With Solar Energy

According to various studies, at least 20% of the energy consumed in a household is intended for something essential, which is done in the kitchen or when it is time to give us a bath, i.e., heat water, something that can be alternated with more efficient consumption or the implementation of a renewable energy.

It has recently presented a very viable, may be used in new buildings and which can be applied in any home, although it requires a refurbishment that might be even more expensive, proposed by the company Energy Alternatives.

The system is quite simple, using a fully loaded solar panels that allow you to take advantage of the thermal energy from the Sun to heat a few pipes filled with a mixture between water and glycol, allowing later heat water roof, using combination of pipes for water we use.

These pipes surround a sort of storage tank, and of a principle of thermal transfer (apply a little physics, as always) generates warming water without using electricity or gas.
Another of many applications of solar roof panels which is lately being proposed.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i3, The Next BMW Electric Car

BMW is following in the footsteps of Ford and Toyota, and constantly increasing its advances in electric vehiclessegment. This is exemplified by the development of the BMW i3. In terms of size and general appearance, BMW i3 is similar to the BMW 1 series. However, there are a lot of differences and special features under the hood.

This car will be entirely powered by an electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries with liquid cooling. The maximum speed would be 150 km/h which is not bad for a car designed essentially to urban transport.
The vehicle will also be equipped with a system for regeneration of kinetic energy to help recharge the batteries during braking. So, in short, BMW i3 would have a range of between 130 and 160 km through a single charge.

This electric car has been designed for four passengers, with some 200 litres in the luggage compartment. This configuration makes it seem that i3 market as a vehicle zero emission for "green" families.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Water Saving = Energy Saving

Erenovable we are permanently bring advice so that our readers can put into practice in their homes, and thus contribute to the important task of saving energy and water. In this case you have some recommendations for the Save hot water, which will mean, as a result, in a larger energy saving.

1. At the time of purchase, it is recommended to choose the systems with accumulation of hot water (boiler more accumulator or termoacumuladores of electric resistance systems) since that grant more efficiently than systems in which water is heated instantly without accumulation (such as gas heaters or electric, and the murals of heating and hot water boilers or mixed boilers).

2 Check that both the deposits of accumulators and distribution of hot water pipes are properly isolated.
3. Save water in the daily work, closing the tap to shave or wash the dishes.

4 Replace the baths for the showers, since that is consumed four times less water and energy.
5 Check that drips there is no or leaks in faucets, can cause up to 100 litres of losses per month.
6. Place low shower heads, allowing you to reduce by half the hot water used and maintaining the necessary flow for a comfortable toilet.

7. Install flow reducers or vents in the taps.
8 Use regulators of temperature with thermostat that save between 4% and 6% of energy.
9 Obtaining water in 30 ° C to 35 ° C for personal hygiene.
10 If its health facilities have independent of water hot and cold faucets, replace them with a single tap of mix (single).

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Water Hardness

On many occasions, when a seller is offering us one of your filters water, mention a detail that while it can be deduced what means, the concept is much more complex than it seems, that it can generate serious disorders to health if we are victims of a constant exposure: Water hardness.

We define then the hardness of the water to the different concentration of mineral compounds which can be found in a given volume of water, with the definition to the degree of hardness to the analysis of the amount of alkaline salts in this fixed amount.

Preferably the hardness of the water analysis focuses on the discovery of ions of calcium and magnesium, which are expressed in function of the milligrams per liter of solution found, but for issues relating to the nature of these mineralstheir State is in the form of salts, taking as an example to the calcium that is found in the form of small precipitates of Calcium carbonate (distinct)

The damage that this water consumption entails, there are some demonstrations which constant exposure to the hardness of water may lead to cardiovascular disease, and may also be permitted this concentration limits, set for 40 to 80 mg/l calcium and magnesium in 20 to 30 mg/l

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Tesla Generator Is A Significant Alternative Energy Source

Alternative sources of energy are Eco-friendly and help to enhance the environment because these energy sources don't give off toxic emissions like traditional production of energy. Moreover, the alternative energy sources utilize inexhaustible supplies of energy and help in conserving scarce natural resources. Following are some of the alternative energy sources and their advantages.

Firstly let us look at the age-old use of wind as an energy source since that has been used for centuries. This particular source of energy harnesses rapid movement of air to actuate turbine blades. The resulting rotational power is then transformed in to usable energy with the help of electrical generators. In the past, windmills were quite popular which converted mechanical movement of blade in to physical energy for crushing grain and water pumping.

One of the main disadvantages of wind power is due to variation in the flow of wind and this results in an inconsistent flow of power. Another disadvantage is that this form of energy doesn't have storage capability for later use.
Solar power is an alternative source of energy harnessing the sun's energy for powering a number of appliances and is commonly used for home interior heating and cooking. The energy obtained from the sun's rays is converted in to electrical power. Even a simple act of allowing sunlight inside the room to produce warmth is a passive form of this kind of energy.

There are two main drawbacks when it comes to using solar energy. It can not be produced either during night or on cloudy days. Another significant problem is that the construction of huge solar panels requires big initial cost; hence most of the people stay away from using this energy.

Geothermal means the heat of the earth. Geothermal alternative resources utilize the heat stored underneath the surface of the earth. Molten-hot subterranean bedrock heats underground water to generate steam. Then the high-pressure steam is released through drilled holes in large quantities to run huge turbines.
The primary drawbacks when using geothermal energy is that
if the process of generating energy is not carried properly, the production of geothermal energy produces harmful pollutants and this result in the release of harmful gases and mineral release. Another drawback is that the energy obtained from geothermal sites is limited to depletion of steam.

Hydroelectric energy has been used as a source of power for centuries. Hydroelectricity uses water power to drive turbines and electrical generators and works like other alternative resources. This particular energy is harnessed from dammed water. Electrical turbine generators are driven by the gravitational pull of flowing water. In order to store water for future use, hydro generators can also be used to run backwards.
The main drawback with this particular type of energy is that It is very costly to build hydro dams. There are significant limitations since this form of energy can't be harnessed in areas with inadequate powerful supply of water.

The Tesla generator on the other hand is unusual in that it was invented over one hundred years ago and yet has only recently been developed into a viable alternative energy source. Using a Tesla generator to convert your house in to alternative energy home is an eco-friendly as well as highly cost-efficient option. Tesla generators overcome all the disadvantages of other alternative sources of energy.

These easy to use compact generators can be build in less than 100 dollars and can produce up to 4.5 megawatts of power. This is enough to power the complete alternative energy home continuously with extra spare electricity.
A user can assemble all the necessary components of these dynamic generators into a fully functional unit in less than an hour. Moreover, the government pays rebate to the user for generating excess electricity. And this is another big benefit of using these generators.

Lastly, these small Tesla generators occupy very little space and are light in weight so that they can be easily carried along on camping or hiking trips. Now there is no need to waste precious natural resources and money. Build your own Tesla generator with minimum budget and take pride in saving money as well as natural resources.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why is Alternative Energy Important?

The global economy is today far more intertwined than perhaps ever before. A natural calamity or terrorist attack affects the stock indexes of stock markets around the world. The mortgage crisis in the US has played havoc with the stock markets globally. Recession in the US and Europe causes a slide in the global economy. If these are rather obvious and agreed upon, it can also be accepted that the rising oil prices in the world market are pinching the lay consumer worldwide. Economic development and the consumerist culture have led to a spurt in the purchase of cars in several countries of late, notably India and China. Besides, car sales in the US and other developed nations show little sign of decreasing.

Environmental Concerns on the Rise
The environmental lobby is, in today's world, alive and kicking, if not influential as well. Indeed, there is growing awareness about the need for caring for the environment, among both governments and citizens. Global warming, the threat of an Arctic meltdown, and the like have acquired sinister overtones owing to unusual climatic phenomena being experienced in various parts of the world in recent years. When it doesn't rain in the rainy season, winter barely occurs, or it rains in deserts, you are wont to sit up and wonder just what the dickens might be happening. Hence, when the burning of fossil fuels is decried as adding to pollution, and depleting the ozone layer, it does acquire a negative tinge to it in the collective psyche.
Limited Reserves of Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels have been formed over a period of time spanning millions of years. The entire known reserves of fossil fuels worldwide cannot last beyond perhaps centuries. This is assuming constant prices and no price is paid for the entailed environmental degradation. Even in view of the scarcity of the supply if fossil fuels as a source of power, it makes eminent sense to be actively considering alternative forms of energy. Once the economic, environmental and political issues are factored in, the quest for feasible alternative sources of power takes on an element of urgency.
Nations Toying with Alternative Energy
In recent years, we have been witnessing this urgent search for alternative energy the world over, whether it is France's adoption of nuclear energy, the Indian massive development of hydroelectricity, the Dutch fondness for wind energy, or the "corn for energy" experimental project in the US. Dependence on certain foreign nations for oil is fraught with the risk of letting them hostage the growth of the national economies. Wars have traditionally been fought over scarce resources, be it as varied as gold, land, spices, water or oil. The world might perhaps witness fewer conflicts if the crucial energy requirements of the various nations began to be met in greater proportion by renewable, locally prevalent and environment-friendly modes of alternative energy.

Inevitable Proliferation of Alternative Energy
To sum up, alternative energy is important because fossil fuels exist in limited reserves. Moreover, the consumption of fossil fuels is associated with unsavory environmental and medical consequences. The rising oil import bills is causing various nations to actively explore alternative forms of energy. in a bid to buoy up their respective economies. Several types of alternative energy are easily available, commercially viable and practically applicable. The energy scenario the world over can be expected to turn much more variegated, innovative and conscious of environmental concerns in the times to come.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Causes of the danger of extinction | The habital loss

The loss of Habitat is one of the causes more common by which mainly animals are in danger of extinction, since they cannot remain in their native homes either are forced to adapt to new ones.

The plants and animals also need water, food and shelter to survive, worse unlike humans, adaptation can be very difficult, since they do not have the means and capabilities to collect or eat other foods, purifying and water storage or build shelter and shelter.

Habitat loss can be due to causes natural as well as artificial, for example, an earthquake or tsunami can destroy plants and trees necessary for bird birdhouse, but also helicopters and human activities can deter these birds or insects which feed on.

It should be noted that natural habitats need not be completely destroyed so that the species can not continue living there, given that to live in an ecosystem, if removed a vital part of this system, the other also crumbling.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Planet is in Danger-Alternative Energy is our Only Choice

When we talk about alternative energy, we are referring to alternatives to fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources would ideally be extended for an indefinite time. The environment is constantly being harmed by the use of fossil fuels and the future damage, including the huge increase in greenhouse gases, is something which we must all be made aware of. Alternative energy sources would not be the environment in any way, making them safer for the planet, and creating a much, much cleaner option.

Alternative energy would be self supporting, never run out, never to be expensive and easily available to everyone. It's only a matter of time before the big energy companies a more environmentally friendly attitude and actively involved in the search for alternative energy sources.

The options under discussion today are wind, solar, hydropower, biomass energy, geothermal energy and even tidal power. While some of these options a visible impact on the environment, the overall effect is a negative as there will be no damage to the environment.

Many of these options have used for small scale, for many years. Wind energy in Netherlands to drive wind turbines. Hydropower Station water mills to such things as flour, and more.

Today we are accustomed to solar energy panels take light from the Sun and convert it into energy that our homes will produce heat, hot water and more. Solar energy is also used in places such as swimming pools. This alternative energy source is deployed by relates to the swimming pool that gather the light, convert, and help to keep the water warm.

In many parts of the world that geothermal energy is used to heat houses. In Greenland, most houses heated by geothermal energy. Although most geothermal sites are located near volcanic regions, some not. This source of alternative energy is completely renewable and cheap to produce.

Another source is tidal power. I use this title to cover tides, rivers and dams. Dams have one-way traffic. Water is, in principle, stored behind the massive walls and may be carried out through their systems huge turbines that produce massive amounts of renewable electricity that we all use every day driving. Tidal energy is usually two directions. Construction of a Dam in a river or estuary, turbines or Alternators built into the design. They produce power when the tide goes out, and produces power when the tide goes.

There is a lack of power production on both bottom and top tides, called slack tide, but this alternative energy source is already successfully used in many countries around the world, and a proposed Severn Estuary barrier is soon to be built near my house in Barry in South Wales, UK., produce enough alternative energy to power a whole cityday in-day out, forever while the tides run.

These are just some of the many sources under discussion today. All of these alternative energy options must be explored and perfected and in very, very shortly we will use or, if we haven't already done so, irreparable damage to the environment. I wonder what my children, and their children from us in the future in the neighbourhood of thinking will. Will they curse or bless us? It is up to us. It is up to us today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Importance of Preserving Endangered Plants and Animals

Saying that we need to take care of the plants and animals in danger of extinction is not only because it can be that many of these species have a particular beauty and help make the planet a place more beautiful, but that there are many other benefits.

For example, at this very moment many plants and animals help us facilitate our existence with services like for example clean air and help reduce environmental pollution, regulating the greenhouse effect and the climatic conditions, natural on pest control in our crops and help control the growth of species with playback speed much more fast, as for example the rats that carry diseases.

Even species that today are in danger, can bring many benefits in the future, as had happened with plants that today are not and would have been ideal to create new plants more resistant to the current weather conditions.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Caring for The Environment | Compost

If we have a Garden or an orchard at home already, we are doing something can take care of the environment by offering green space to the planet, which will help to combat global warming, to regulate the greenhouse effect and to help lighten the environmental pollution, among others.

But if a garden is to prosper, you need fertilizerand compost or compost is a natural manure, which also helps to reduce the level of junk that comes from our home to landfills and dumps.

All organic waste are used to make compost, and a large part of the daily waste are of this type, which is why we are helping significantly to protect the environment, not just alleviating the departure of garbage and dumps saturamiento, but rather paying plants so they can grow better.

There are composteras homemade as also high-tech devices that facilitate the process of decomposition and obtaining of the compost.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Causes of the Danger of Extinction

Another of the main causes of many plants and animals from entering endangered are human activities that attack them directly or indirectly.

In the case of the exploitation of animals for their meat or skins, had taken several steps around the world, but on the black market prices are still very high, so poachers continue species to their destruction.
While this is a direct way of attacking species, the machinery and the disturbances such as noise pollution that cause humans and their machines, they attack indirectly complete ecosystems.

A clear example of this are the helicopters in tourism such as waterfalls and rainforests locations, where birds can not tolerate noise and are forced to leave the area.

The Golden Eagle is an example of this, given ben constant disturbances during its nesting have achieved their reproductive capacity has decreased alarmingly.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A click of a change in Tamarit Beach

I don't know if you will be aware of the reconstruction that is is taking place on the beach of Tamarit, located in Tarragona, but in this project it is intervening a large Carrefour company that has decided to collaborate with the NGO Acciónatura and in which, also you can participate.

They provide us with two options:
The first, very simple, enter the web where you can see the beach of virtually and in which you can intervene on your computer, choosing if you want to clean up or revegetate the area with lilies or native reeds.
Little by little, with all contributions, you can go see the changes that are underway and what would be the beach if all put a little of our party. You can also leave your messages of support and if you want, you have the option of which they appear on your wall of Facebook, Twitter or to send it to you by email.

The other way of working is more active, you can volunteer on the same beach helping to improve it, only thing is that there are a number of places are limited by what I encourage you to go quickly here and sign up. It is a very rewarding and unforgettable experience.

The members of the NGO and Carrefour will be cleaning and revegetando the area, creating a row of thorny and lilies of sea rushes to help prevent erosion.

The conservation of the environment is something that concerns us all, with one click you can give your two cents for this cause.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Acacias To Rein In The Desert

Contamination of soils and deserts make the plants and crops become difficult in several areas of the world, are being investigated new ways to counter these effects, and one of them is the planting of Acacias.

Investigation of new methods of cultivation allows to obtain the best results in the worst conditions. This is the case of the desert of the Sahel in Africa, which for years was exploited beyond their means until in the 1970s, a drought ruined the crops.

Today will try with acacias and transgenic plants to reduce water needs, but also to curb erosion and the advance of the desert.

The roots of the Acacia álbidas, for example, are associated with fungi of the genus glomus. This association called Mycorrhizae, promotes the uptake of water and nutrients from acacias.

In the area of influence of mycorrhizal roots, the soil is more fertile, allowing the development of some crops, especially grasses.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Toyota Auris| hybrid car news

The new features of the new Toyota Auris, the hybrid car emits less CO2 in their category.
Speaking of hybrid cars is speaking of Toyota. Toyota Motor Corporation exceeded historical 2 million vehicles sold above their competitors brand in 2009. Undoubtedly this is because the important innovations is including in its hybrid models.Today you will have the new features of the new Toyota Auris.

One of the main advantages of having a hybrid car is savings in fuel.Not in vain, estimated that over 200,000 hybrid cars already circulating in Europe. The new Toyota Auris is priced some can be expensive, but if we do accounts ends up leaving us cheap, just make calculations of the fuel you need for a year.
In fact, one of the most interesting novelties of the new Toyota Auris is the reduction of consumption of fuel, the result is only 3.8 litres / 100 km.  Other new features are:

the new Toyota Auris is the first hybrid "Full Hybrid" (combined serie+paralelo) of its category. It is based on the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. Allows you to drive in all-electric mode ECO mode (using both engines) and mode PWR (provides maximum power) .the new Toyota Auris only emits 89 g/km CO2.Emissions over its categoría.Alta low efficiency: heat engine cylinder 1.8.

In the design, the Toyota Auris also bet by redesign both outside and inside.The result gives us a car easy driving, quiet and comfortable.We offer you the main novelties:

The new exterior design includes:

The redesign of the front grille to optimise intake LED lights that lit permancen provided that the engine is running.Thus increases visibility to other conductores.Exclusivo of this model are: wheels 5 arms and 17-inch alloy and the blue tint in your logo.
In the interior it is worth mentioning:

System Smart Start you you already don't need key to turn on the engine. automatic transmission which offers 3 modes of driving: EV, ECO, PWREn scorecard incorporates a Optitron blue allowing greater clarity.The Optitron is Toyota's term for a particular lighting settings.
The new Toyota Auris is already on sale, you can try leaving your data at the Toyota website and in a few days you will feel what is driving a hybrid.There are two versions available: active (20.950€) and Advance (23,400€).

Hybrid cars are synonymous with respect for the environment, silence and well-being.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


To spend the hours, the platform for electric cars continues to increase, even in the world of racing cars, in a clear example of what many had anticipated, with a 2012 that would be a turning point, and with a wide variety of models and designs.

On this occasion, this is given with the presentation of the new nissan leaf nismo rc, which is nothing more than an adaptation of the much-touted nissan leaf but to be able to lead the roads of different categories in the world of motor racingin case of being accepted by any team in particular.
It has been made entirely using carbon fiber among the materials, with a rear-wheel drive and a noticeable change in weight, a 40% lower than the version of series, standing then at some 938 kilograms, not bad for a conversion.
As for its performance, can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 6.8 seconds and has a top speed of 150 kilometres per hour, not bad for an electric car of this type, although its weak point is in the autonomyestimated at about 20 minutes of race.

It will be presented in the New York automobile show which will begin on April 20, and will have its official debut in some races organised by the FIA, but only to display mode.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Reduce Consumption By Reducing Waste

One of the biggest environmental problems is the garbage accumulates nonstop around the world, and that threatens to cover entire cities if it continues at this pace and without paying attention to recycling.

If we want a clean future we must reduce our consumption significantly, reusing recovered products, and recycle everything that is possible.

Recycle a material means to reintroduce in the chains of production of consumer goods, even giving a use that has nothing to do with which he had originally. For example, a basketball court recycling only the soles of shoes can be constructed.

Soon, large cities, where are concentrated the used products, will be the main sources of raw materials for industry. The recycling of materials is much easier if the collected waste is done selectively.

The use of different types of plastics and the mixture of different materials, like plastic and paper in a single product hamper the work of selection and recovery

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alternative Energy - Citric Acid

It is good to know that man ever this looking a bit more towards the future, and thereby trying to develop different forms of alternative renewable energies, if well can that a functioning at all levels, can help much to lighten the burden of environmental pollution.

It is like for example, the citric acid in a lime or lemon can help to replace the small but highly polluting watch batteries, passing through the copper and zinc of the devices to generate enough energy to feed small screens for more than one week.

One of the most viewed are Digital clocks that operate with this type of energy, which is a good alternative to watches that need solar energy to operate, indoors it is not always available.

Furthermore, lemons that feed on these devices are biodegradable and including can use them to make compost for our Garden or Orchard.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clouds Of Sulfur

They European forests are dying and is not surprising that the diseases that plague them coincide with the increase in air pollution.
Acid rain is an effect of secondary contamination as nola produce directly the air pollutants, but that is the result of the chemical reaction of some gases, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, in contact with water vapor.

Reactions occur on areas where there are gas emitters, such as thermoelectric or industrial complexes that use fossil fuels. However, acid rain n necessarily precipitated in these places, because the ions that form are transported by the wind to remote regions, where the acid rain falls.

Its effects depend on the geological characteristics of the ground, and on calcareous soils acids neutralize easily by the calcium carbonate of the rocks, but when it falls on siliceous soils, the effects of the acidity will accrue.
On the cities causes corrosion of moments and buildings. In addition, it dissolves toxic metals of pipes, such as copper and lead, and incorporated them into drinking water, producing a dangerous cocktail.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pollution Atmosferica Leading Causes

There are many causes of air pollution, but we can name some of the more common throughout the world, with its activities and emissions.

Refinery in oil
Activity: Refined petroleum and derivatives, such as fuels and lubricants substances manufacturing.
Emissions: carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons.
Effects: Cardiovascular and respiratory, eye irritation, carcinogenic properties, effect greenhouse and acid rain. Carbon dioxide, methane and oxides of nitrogen are important greenhouse gases. The oxides of nitrogen and sulphur are the cause of acid rain threatening all the forests of the Earth.

Chemical industry
Activity: Production of chemicals from various raw materials.
Emissions, sulfides, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, organic and inorganic compounds.
Effects: carcinogenic properties and mutagenic, cardiovascular, respiratory and skin complaints, pestilence and different toxicities.

Incineration of waste
Activity: urban solid waste disposal
Emissions: sulphur oxide, various organic substances, hydrochloric acid.
Effects: cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system, carcinogenic properties and acid rain.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pollution Atmosferica

Continuing with the first part of the main causes of air pollution

Livestock facilities
Activity: farming
Emissions: methane, ammonia
Effects: power as greenhouse of the methane gas is 20 to 30 times greater than carbon dioxide, which is certainly is a big problem

Thermal power stations

Activity: production of electricity from fossil fuels
Emissions: sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
Effects: diseases cardiovascular, disturbance of the transport of oxygen in the blood, respiratory problems, greenhouse effect, acid rain (oxides of nitrogen and sulfur that we send into the atmosphere are mixed with the steam of the clouds and returns to Earth as acid rain)

Activity: excessive use of transportation in city and highway
Emissions: carbon monoxide, dioxide, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, lead, and others
Effects: alteration of the transport of oxygen in blood, respiratory, carcinogenic properties, kidney and central nervous system.

To Reduce Your Electric Bill By Creating Alternative Energy

The concept of alternative energy is one that houses and individuals provides for the possibility of costs to save on electric bills while giving a means to help with the environment. If you are trying to build an understanding of what it means to alternative energy, than understand the components that are involved, as well as the options for changing the way your home runs with energy is the beginning to get the most out of the lights, heat or water in your home.

The concept of alternative energy is a who moves outside the traditional means of energy used by energy companies. The typical way of using lighting and run on heat or air conditioning is done through the use of fuel that is burned. Gas is the most common component that is used to fuel different houses.

The problem with gas as an important way to heat houses is two fold. The first is that it leads to the emission of carbon into the air, which care for the environment will be placed. The second problem is that the energy a commodity remains because it is not reused. Most energy companies will remain with the gas prices that will be used because of this, leaving homes with higher energy bills and complications which continue to increase with the environment.

If you want to create alternative energy than you, you can start by looking at the potential of renewable energy. This is built as a natural source of energy that is used to help your family get the support with energy, while reducing the cost, as well as the care for the environment. Renewable energy includes everything from wind energy to Sun or water that has been added in your home, all of which are able to continually to provide energy without the problems with burning or wasting energy.

If you are looking for renewable energy, then you can start by looking at various construction methods for your home. The main ideal is the creation of a source that is from the wind, solar or water can attract. Once this happens, the energy will convert into electricity or heat and more energy to making alternative energy for your home will save.

For anyone who is looking for a way to cut costs electric, while providing the environment with a new way to breathe, is the ability to get more by learning how to make alternative energy. Using renewable energy and building your own system to track the light in your home is the beginning to enjoy a new way to get the energy you need.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Panel Solar 5 Million kWh

Continue the various measures taken in pursuit of the expansion of the Solar photovoltaic energy, that by the time they require a large infrastructure and the use of plenty of space to get the same, and in the United States has been launched a pharaonic project that will continue adding this capability of production energy.

On this occasion, the novelty is in a draft submitted by the firm avidan management, revealed by a recent agreement with the federal authorities of Edison for the creation of a mega structure of solar energy, which already have been launched.

Currently they are covering about 60.968 square meters with different constructions that have allowed the installation of 17.745 solar panels, figure, work according to planned, could generate 5 million kWh per year.
To provide this project is could supply the energy needs of the building of the company (used for the storage of frozen food and canned goods) as well as the houses adjoining, will who is them market the service at a price significantly than the conventional electric network.

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Opposition 2012

They are part of a constitutional right, and 2012 oppositions are not only a genuine and legitimate way to get a job, but also the opening of a large number of doors that allow us to lend to a myriad of projects, some of them related to clean energy.

Among the most sought after opposition lately, we are those relating to functions of the State or institutions of public good, something that as discussed in more than one occasion, are about renewable energy because it is one of the topics that are in constant tratativa.

If we are looking for a stable job, or are looking for different alternatives where opositar, we must you have an adequate agenda, prepare ourselves according to what is required here and find patience and give us time to qualify for the best possible way.

We must only look at the requirements to participate, and with effort and dedication, we can provide ours from a place like used public.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Opel Develops A Zero Emissions Fuel Cell Car

Formerly Opel (along with Vauxhall, a subsidiary of GM) has scored a major success with the release of be, an electric vehicle 5 'zero emission' , sold exclusively in the European Union.

And now, to emphasize in this sustainable path, the German mark is ready to design a green car with the latest technology batteries for fuel.

Reports say that it can be launched between 2016 and 2017. The vehicle is likely to be a cross between a pickup truck and a sport utility vehicle (SUV), above the category of the Insignia of Opel.

From the perspective of the business, Opel expects annual sales of 20,000 units for this new model. According to the Vice-President of the company, the car will appeal to customers not only by its system based on fuel cells and their "green" attributes, but also in whole bet at a high technological standard, always prioritizing functionality.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Caring For The Environment | Use Less Plastic

Plastic is a hardy, abundant material due to its origin synthetic and very practical, but certainly is not an option too because not to be biodegradable it can take several years disappearing from the planet and stop polluting.

A great way to take care of the environment is to reduce the consumption of plastics, and return to materials such as glass or cardboard, mainly in our home, which is where changes begin.
For heating our food we use containers for transporting material, and glass boxes of plastic or metal as a first option.

Get a bag of cardboard or fiselina to make purchases in the market also is a good option, because the supermarket bags tend to end up in the Trash.

Bottled water bottles are one of the main sources of plastic trash, so reducing their consumption is a good step, and we can do so by purchasing a filter for the tap or well water bottles and distribute water in jugs where necessary.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Acid rain on people and plants

In people, acid rain produces conditions in the respiratory system which can be very severe, but nor must we forget the trees and plants that are most affected by this problem.

Acid rain removes the protective wax that waterproofs leaves, hurting them and eliminating them, either, notably reducing the capacity to carry out photosynthesis, which can generate the death of the plant.
Nutrients are washed away, causing the deterioration of the leaves and defoliation in an indirect way.

The trees become more susceptible to attack by insects, fungi and diseases, that is achieved by acidification of the soil and the death of Mycorrhizae and micro-organisms essential to plant nutrition.