Sunday, September 18, 2011

Caring for The Environment | Compost

If we have a Garden or an orchard at home already, we are doing something can take care of the environment by offering green space to the planet, which will help to combat global warming, to regulate the greenhouse effect and to help lighten the environmental pollution, among others.

But if a garden is to prosper, you need fertilizerand compost or compost is a natural manure, which also helps to reduce the level of junk that comes from our home to landfills and dumps.

All organic waste are used to make compost, and a large part of the daily waste are of this type, which is why we are helping significantly to protect the environment, not just alleviating the departure of garbage and dumps saturamiento, but rather paying plants so they can grow better.

There are composteras homemade as also high-tech devices that facilitate the process of decomposition and obtaining of the compost.