Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Toyota Auris| hybrid car news

The new features of the new Toyota Auris, the hybrid car emits less CO2 in their category.
Speaking of hybrid cars is speaking of Toyota. Toyota Motor Corporation exceeded historical 2 million vehicles sold above their competitors brand in 2009. Undoubtedly this is because the important innovations is including in its hybrid models.Today you will have the new features of the new Toyota Auris.

One of the main advantages of having a hybrid car is savings in fuel.Not in vain, estimated that over 200,000 hybrid cars already circulating in Europe. The new Toyota Auris is priced some can be expensive, but if we do accounts ends up leaving us cheap, just make calculations of the fuel you need for a year.
In fact, one of the most interesting novelties of the new Toyota Auris is the reduction of consumption of fuel, the result is only 3.8 litres / 100 km.  Other new features are:

the new Toyota Auris is the first hybrid "Full Hybrid" (combined serie+paralelo) of its category. It is based on the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. Allows you to drive in all-electric mode ECO mode (using both engines) and mode PWR (provides maximum power) .the new Toyota Auris only emits 89 g/km CO2.Emissions over its categoría.Alta low efficiency: heat engine cylinder 1.8.

In the design, the Toyota Auris also bet by redesign both outside and inside.The result gives us a car easy driving, quiet and comfortable.We offer you the main novelties:

The new exterior design includes:

The redesign of the front grille to optimise intake LED lights that lit permancen provided that the engine is running.Thus increases visibility to other conductores.Exclusivo of this model are: wheels 5 arms and 17-inch alloy and the blue tint in your logo.
In the interior it is worth mentioning:

System Smart Start you you already don't need key to turn on the engine. automatic transmission which offers 3 modes of driving: EV, ECO, PWREn scorecard incorporates a Optitron blue allowing greater clarity.The Optitron is Toyota's term for a particular lighting settings.
The new Toyota Auris is already on sale, you can try leaving your data at the Toyota website and in a few days you will feel what is driving a hybrid.There are two versions available: active (20.950€) and Advance (23,400€).

Hybrid cars are synonymous with respect for the environment, silence and well-being.

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