Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Water Saving = Energy Saving

Erenovable we are permanently bring advice so that our readers can put into practice in their homes, and thus contribute to the important task of saving energy and water. In this case you have some recommendations for the Save hot water, which will mean, as a result, in a larger energy saving.

1. At the time of purchase, it is recommended to choose the systems with accumulation of hot water (boiler more accumulator or termoacumuladores of electric resistance systems) since that grant more efficiently than systems in which water is heated instantly without accumulation (such as gas heaters or electric, and the murals of heating and hot water boilers or mixed boilers).

2 Check that both the deposits of accumulators and distribution of hot water pipes are properly isolated.
3. Save water in the daily work, closing the tap to shave or wash the dishes.

4 Replace the baths for the showers, since that is consumed four times less water and energy.
5 Check that drips there is no or leaks in faucets, can cause up to 100 litres of losses per month.
6. Place low shower heads, allowing you to reduce by half the hot water used and maintaining the necessary flow for a comfortable toilet.

7. Install flow reducers or vents in the taps.
8 Use regulators of temperature with thermostat that save between 4% and 6% of energy.
9 Obtaining water in 30 ° C to 35 ° C for personal hygiene.
10 If its health facilities have independent of water hot and cold faucets, replace them with a single tap of mix (single).

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