Thursday, September 15, 2011

Acacias To Rein In The Desert

Contamination of soils and deserts make the plants and crops become difficult in several areas of the world, are being investigated new ways to counter these effects, and one of them is the planting of Acacias.

Investigation of new methods of cultivation allows to obtain the best results in the worst conditions. This is the case of the desert of the Sahel in Africa, which for years was exploited beyond their means until in the 1970s, a drought ruined the crops.

Today will try with acacias and transgenic plants to reduce water needs, but also to curb erosion and the advance of the desert.

The roots of the Acacia álbidas, for example, are associated with fungi of the genus glomus. This association called Mycorrhizae, promotes the uptake of water and nutrients from acacias.

In the area of influence of mycorrhizal roots, the soil is more fertile, allowing the development of some crops, especially grasses.