Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clouds Of Sulfur

They European forests are dying and is not surprising that the diseases that plague them coincide with the increase in air pollution.
Acid rain is an effect of secondary contamination as nola produce directly the air pollutants, but that is the result of the chemical reaction of some gases, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, in contact with water vapor.

Reactions occur on areas where there are gas emitters, such as thermoelectric or industrial complexes that use fossil fuels. However, acid rain n necessarily precipitated in these places, because the ions that form are transported by the wind to remote regions, where the acid rain falls.

Its effects depend on the geological characteristics of the ground, and on calcareous soils acids neutralize easily by the calcium carbonate of the rocks, but when it falls on siliceous soils, the effects of the acidity will accrue.
On the cities causes corrosion of moments and buildings. In addition, it dissolves toxic metals of pipes, such as copper and lead, and incorporated them into drinking water, producing a dangerous cocktail.