Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Tesla Generator Is A Significant Alternative Energy Source

Alternative sources of energy are Eco-friendly and help to enhance the environment because these energy sources don't give off toxic emissions like traditional production of energy. Moreover, the alternative energy sources utilize inexhaustible supplies of energy and help in conserving scarce natural resources. Following are some of the alternative energy sources and their advantages.

Firstly let us look at the age-old use of wind as an energy source since that has been used for centuries. This particular source of energy harnesses rapid movement of air to actuate turbine blades. The resulting rotational power is then transformed in to usable energy with the help of electrical generators. In the past, windmills were quite popular which converted mechanical movement of blade in to physical energy for crushing grain and water pumping.

One of the main disadvantages of wind power is due to variation in the flow of wind and this results in an inconsistent flow of power. Another disadvantage is that this form of energy doesn't have storage capability for later use.
Solar power is an alternative source of energy harnessing the sun's energy for powering a number of appliances and is commonly used for home interior heating and cooking. The energy obtained from the sun's rays is converted in to electrical power. Even a simple act of allowing sunlight inside the room to produce warmth is a passive form of this kind of energy.

There are two main drawbacks when it comes to using solar energy. It can not be produced either during night or on cloudy days. Another significant problem is that the construction of huge solar panels requires big initial cost; hence most of the people stay away from using this energy.

Geothermal means the heat of the earth. Geothermal alternative resources utilize the heat stored underneath the surface of the earth. Molten-hot subterranean bedrock heats underground water to generate steam. Then the high-pressure steam is released through drilled holes in large quantities to run huge turbines.
The primary drawbacks when using geothermal energy is that
if the process of generating energy is not carried properly, the production of geothermal energy produces harmful pollutants and this result in the release of harmful gases and mineral release. Another drawback is that the energy obtained from geothermal sites is limited to depletion of steam.

Hydroelectric energy has been used as a source of power for centuries. Hydroelectricity uses water power to drive turbines and electrical generators and works like other alternative resources. This particular energy is harnessed from dammed water. Electrical turbine generators are driven by the gravitational pull of flowing water. In order to store water for future use, hydro generators can also be used to run backwards.
The main drawback with this particular type of energy is that It is very costly to build hydro dams. There are significant limitations since this form of energy can't be harnessed in areas with inadequate powerful supply of water.

The Tesla generator on the other hand is unusual in that it was invented over one hundred years ago and yet has only recently been developed into a viable alternative energy source. Using a Tesla generator to convert your house in to alternative energy home is an eco-friendly as well as highly cost-efficient option. Tesla generators overcome all the disadvantages of other alternative sources of energy.

These easy to use compact generators can be build in less than 100 dollars and can produce up to 4.5 megawatts of power. This is enough to power the complete alternative energy home continuously with extra spare electricity.
A user can assemble all the necessary components of these dynamic generators into a fully functional unit in less than an hour. Moreover, the government pays rebate to the user for generating excess electricity. And this is another big benefit of using these generators.

Lastly, these small Tesla generators occupy very little space and are light in weight so that they can be easily carried along on camping or hiking trips. Now there is no need to waste precious natural resources and money. Build your own Tesla generator with minimum budget and take pride in saving money as well as natural resources.