Sunday, September 25, 2011

Water Hardness

On many occasions, when a seller is offering us one of your filters water, mention a detail that while it can be deduced what means, the concept is much more complex than it seems, that it can generate serious disorders to health if we are victims of a constant exposure: Water hardness.

We define then the hardness of the water to the different concentration of mineral compounds which can be found in a given volume of water, with the definition to the degree of hardness to the analysis of the amount of alkaline salts in this fixed amount.

Preferably the hardness of the water analysis focuses on the discovery of ions of calcium and magnesium, which are expressed in function of the milligrams per liter of solution found, but for issues relating to the nature of these mineralstheir State is in the form of salts, taking as an example to the calcium that is found in the form of small precipitates of Calcium carbonate (distinct)

The damage that this water consumption entails, there are some demonstrations which constant exposure to the hardness of water may lead to cardiovascular disease, and may also be permitted this concentration limits, set for 40 to 80 mg/l calcium and magnesium in 20 to 30 mg/l

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