Friday, September 16, 2011

A click of a change in Tamarit Beach

I don't know if you will be aware of the reconstruction that is is taking place on the beach of Tamarit, located in Tarragona, but in this project it is intervening a large Carrefour company that has decided to collaborate with the NGO Acciónatura and in which, also you can participate.

They provide us with two options:
The first, very simple, enter the web where you can see the beach of virtually and in which you can intervene on your computer, choosing if you want to clean up or revegetate the area with lilies or native reeds.
Little by little, with all contributions, you can go see the changes that are underway and what would be the beach if all put a little of our party. You can also leave your messages of support and if you want, you have the option of which they appear on your wall of Facebook, Twitter or to send it to you by email.

The other way of working is more active, you can volunteer on the same beach helping to improve it, only thing is that there are a number of places are limited by what I encourage you to go quickly here and sign up. It is a very rewarding and unforgettable experience.

The members of the NGO and Carrefour will be cleaning and revegetando the area, creating a row of thorny and lilies of sea rushes to help prevent erosion.

The conservation of the environment is something that concerns us all, with one click you can give your two cents for this cause.