Thursday, September 22, 2011

Causes of the danger of extinction | The habital loss

The loss of Habitat is one of the causes more common by which mainly animals are in danger of extinction, since they cannot remain in their native homes either are forced to adapt to new ones.

The plants and animals also need water, food and shelter to survive, worse unlike humans, adaptation can be very difficult, since they do not have the means and capabilities to collect or eat other foods, purifying and water storage or build shelter and shelter.

Habitat loss can be due to causes natural as well as artificial, for example, an earthquake or tsunami can destroy plants and trees necessary for bird birdhouse, but also helicopters and human activities can deter these birds or insects which feed on.

It should be noted that natural habitats need not be completely destroyed so that the species can not continue living there, given that to live in an ecosystem, if removed a vital part of this system, the other also crumbling.