Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Planet is in Danger-Alternative Energy is our Only Choice

When we talk about alternative energy, we are referring to alternatives to fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources would ideally be extended for an indefinite time. The environment is constantly being harmed by the use of fossil fuels and the future damage, including the huge increase in greenhouse gases, is something which we must all be made aware of. Alternative energy sources would not be the environment in any way, making them safer for the planet, and creating a much, much cleaner option.

Alternative energy would be self supporting, never run out, never to be expensive and easily available to everyone. It's only a matter of time before the big energy companies a more environmentally friendly attitude and actively involved in the search for alternative energy sources.

The options under discussion today are wind, solar, hydropower, biomass energy, geothermal energy and even tidal power. While some of these options a visible impact on the environment, the overall effect is a negative as there will be no damage to the environment.

Many of these options have used for small scale, for many years. Wind energy in Netherlands to drive wind turbines. Hydropower Station water mills to such things as flour, and more.

Today we are accustomed to solar energy panels take light from the Sun and convert it into energy that our homes will produce heat, hot water and more. Solar energy is also used in places such as swimming pools. This alternative energy source is deployed by relates to the swimming pool that gather the light, convert, and help to keep the water warm.

In many parts of the world that geothermal energy is used to heat houses. In Greenland, most houses heated by geothermal energy. Although most geothermal sites are located near volcanic regions, some not. This source of alternative energy is completely renewable and cheap to produce.

Another source is tidal power. I use this title to cover tides, rivers and dams. Dams have one-way traffic. Water is, in principle, stored behind the massive walls and may be carried out through their systems huge turbines that produce massive amounts of renewable electricity that we all use every day driving. Tidal energy is usually two directions. Construction of a Dam in a river or estuary, turbines or Alternators built into the design. They produce power when the tide goes out, and produces power when the tide goes.

There is a lack of power production on both bottom and top tides, called slack tide, but this alternative energy source is already successfully used in many countries around the world, and a proposed Severn Estuary barrier is soon to be built near my house in Barry in South Wales, UK., produce enough alternative energy to power a whole cityday in-day out, forever while the tides run.

These are just some of the many sources under discussion today. All of these alternative energy options must be explored and perfected and in very, very shortly we will use or, if we haven't already done so, irreparable damage to the environment. I wonder what my children, and their children from us in the future in the neighbourhood of thinking will. Will they curse or bless us? It is up to us. It is up to us today.