Friday, September 30, 2011

Demonstration against the combustible fossils and the renewable energy in the White House

In the last few days is carried out in the Washington, United States, the Powershift 2011 Conference (we could translate it as Change energy). This initiative brings together 10,000 young leaders in environmental organizations to discuss the implementation of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. To complete this event, will be now held a massive demonstration in front of the Casa Blanca.


You are expected to be about 5,000 young people who attend this demonstration which will begin at the White House, where they may require for the actions of the President Obama for nuclear energy, gas and coal. They will then head to the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce (us chamber of commerce) where are represented the big polluters companies and from which is repeatedly sabotage attempts to move forward in the fight against climate change. They then continue protest against the subsidiary of BP (the company guilty of terrible 2010 Gulf oil spill), offices of Gene-On, an energy company that works by burning coal in the State of Virginia.

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