Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heating Water With Solar Energy

According to various studies, at least 20% of the energy consumed in a household is intended for something essential, which is done in the kitchen or when it is time to give us a bath, i.e., heat water, something that can be alternated with more efficient consumption or the implementation of a renewable energy.

It has recently presented a very viable, may be used in new buildings and which can be applied in any home, although it requires a refurbishment that might be even more expensive, proposed by the company Energy Alternatives.

The system is quite simple, using a fully loaded solar panels that allow you to take advantage of the thermal energy from the Sun to heat a few pipes filled with a mixture between water and glycol, allowing later heat water roof, using combination of pipes for water we use.

These pipes surround a sort of storage tank, and of a principle of thermal transfer (apply a little physics, as always) generates warming water without using electricity or gas.
Another of many applications of solar roof panels which is lately being proposed.

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