Friday, September 2, 2011

Caring For The Environment | Use Less Plastic

Plastic is a hardy, abundant material due to its origin synthetic and very practical, but certainly is not an option too because not to be biodegradable it can take several years disappearing from the planet and stop polluting.

A great way to take care of the environment is to reduce the consumption of plastics, and return to materials such as glass or cardboard, mainly in our home, which is where changes begin.
For heating our food we use containers for transporting material, and glass boxes of plastic or metal as a first option.

Get a bag of cardboard or fiselina to make purchases in the market also is a good option, because the supermarket bags tend to end up in the Trash.

Bottled water bottles are one of the main sources of plastic trash, so reducing their consumption is a good step, and we can do so by purchasing a filter for the tap or well water bottles and distribute water in jugs where necessary.