Monday, September 12, 2011

Reduce Consumption By Reducing Waste

One of the biggest environmental problems is the garbage accumulates nonstop around the world, and that threatens to cover entire cities if it continues at this pace and without paying attention to recycling.

If we want a clean future we must reduce our consumption significantly, reusing recovered products, and recycle everything that is possible.

Recycle a material means to reintroduce in the chains of production of consumer goods, even giving a use that has nothing to do with which he had originally. For example, a basketball court recycling only the soles of shoes can be constructed.

Soon, large cities, where are concentrated the used products, will be the main sources of raw materials for industry. The recycling of materials is much easier if the collected waste is done selectively.

The use of different types of plastics and the mixture of different materials, like plastic and paper in a single product hamper the work of selection and recovery