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The Electric Current

In Erenovable continue marking some of the key concepts necessary to understand how electricity..In this case we will make sure to clarify a concept which, while use you on a daily basis, we do not always understand completely: the current electric.

At the beginning of the 19th century, was one of the great advances on the way to the electric power generation. It was invented by Alessandro Volta: the stack. This revolutionary object was the first electrochemical device that could be used as a source of electricity, able to deliver energy in a continuous and stable.
From there, the electrical phenomena research advanced rapidly. Some of the most important postulates that could establish were:

the electric charge is in more or less linked nature in the structure of materials, i.e. with greater or lesser ability to move in response to its interaction with electric fields..the negative charge residing on the electrons is, more often, is free, for example in metals. in them, some of the electrons have a degree of freedom like the molecules in a gaseous state. Their movement is erratic, and in gas, not a net sense of movement can be recognized.

Following this series of laws, you could discover that when you install a field within a metallic conductor, particles tend to follow preferably the signal from the field and can then be a sense of movement in their movements. This is what we call electric current.

Like most of the drivers of electric circuits are metallic, it is necessary to be in them the sense real or physical movement of the electrons against the electric field.
In the electrolyte or gaseous conductors, the charge carriers can also be positive, so that their displacement is contrary to the previous.
For simplicity, establishing a conventional sense of the current movement and is the positive charge carriers, i.e. in favour of the electric field.
Do do is defined as the electrical current to the ratio between the NET burden ? q that crosses a certain section of the driver per unit time? t. In symbols:

The unit of electric current is the ampere (A) that corresponds to a constant current which a load of a coulomb is going through any normal section of the driver by every second.

Its name was chosen in homage to the contributions of the French André Marie Ampère (1775-1836), who at the beginning of the 19th century established the principles of electrodynamics, relating the concepts of electricity and electrical potential, and also made other important contributions in the theory of electricity and magnetism.

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What’s Next: Aircrafts powered by biofuel

Biofuel airplaneBiofuel will aid in significant reduction in carbon emissions without any major changes or modifications of the engines and their functioning
As we know it
In hope for a zero emission world, various alternative fuel options are developed and tested by the scientists. It will be exciting for you to know that the attempts to fly planes powered by biofuels are successfully in progress. Now you can see several commercial flights doing regular services powered by either pure biofuel or a mixture of biofuel and conventional aviation oil in many parts of the world. The exploration is on steady progress and the efforts to develop completely reliable biofuels are getting huge success. The ultimate result will be that you will be travelling across the continents with no carbon emission at all in near future. Of course, this is what the aviation industry is looking for to fulfill in next nine years, because there is a stipulated deadline of 2020 for carbon neutral growth in the industry.
Need for change
Biofuel is priced high these days. According to industry experts, biofuels cost four times higher than the fossil fuels as of now. It is mainly because production of biofuel is moving sluggish. There should be more diversified methods and plants to produce biofuels on a regular basis. It will bring down the prices, making usage of biofuel profitable for most of airliners. As of today airliners across the world are keenly looking to meet the carbon emission bound set by the industry itself in the next nine years. The industry that is responsible for two percent of total carbon emissions has set a deadline to bring it down.
Most of aircrafts can fly on biofuels. There needs no modification in the engine of most of aircrafts to burn biofuels in them. It makes the efforts quite feasible to fly the aircrafts with biofuels. However, the major challenge is that there are not improved biofuel production units and technologies. In fact, the very production of biofuel is in its nascent stage for the time being. Scientists have not yet spotted suitable stuffs for biofuel production. Biofuel derivation from food crops has hovered huge controversy, and because of that, the researchers are now looking for other alternatives like biodegradable waste and others.
What’s next?
Here are three possible future biofuel-based flight projects. The technology world has even started of thinking traveling spaceship-carrying rockets powered by biofuels.
1. Virgin Galactic spaceships

 SpaceshipsVirgin Fuels is working on biofuels to power the Mothership Eve--the craft that will launch the spaceship into the atmosphere.
Space travel is also getting ready to go green with biofuels. Virgin Galactic, the space travel arm of the Virgin Group is working to develop biofuels to power the Mothership Eve to launch spaceships into the space. Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn some years back made sure that within a few years its spaceship carriers would fly powered by biofuels. Virgin Fuels is leading the research to produce the fuel for the purpose. Carbon emission of Virgin Galactic flights will go significantly down making it a sanctified attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry.
2. Biofuel powered supersonic rocket plane

 Supersonic rocketIt will use engines fueled by biofuel made from sea-weed to take-off and will switch over to its rocket engines at high altitudes.
It is a well-appreciated biofuel effort from EADS, the European Aerospace giant. The project is meant to fly commercial planes on biofuel in speed of better than the sound. However, it is slated to take place in 2050 only. Then, you will be able to travel from Paris to Tokyo in just 2.5 hours on biofuel powered supersonic rocket planes. The flight can cover the air distance of over 12,000 miles or 19,500 km in a rocking speed of 5000 km/hour.
3. Air New Zealand 747

 Air New ZealandAir New Zealand is all set to let one of its Boeing 747 be powered by fuel that is derived from a common weed called ‘Jatropha’.

The Air New Zealand (ANZ) is working to fly its Boeing 747 powered by biofuel generated from an ordinary weed called Jatropha. You can see this weed growing aplenty in India and Africa.

ANZ is to fill biofuel in one of its Boeing 747’s four engines and the other engines with the conventional aviation fuel for test flying. Once succeeded, the airline will completely move on biofuels making a huge cut in its carbon footprint. As the biofuel is made from weed and not from food crops, the attempt gets more attention.

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Seven green products aiming to reduce your carbon footprint

Green products
Green products aiming to reduce your carbon footprint
The 21st century has been a mute witness to several advancements in technology and lifestyle that have taken place at the cost of our environment. Irresponsible human activities have increased the emission of green house gases causing extensive damage by way of global warming. All this has made it vital for us to reduce carbon footprint in some way or the other. One good plan to achieve this is to use green products that are environment friendly, sustainable, bio-degradable and recyclable. There are many green products available in the market, some run on water and solar power, some consume less electricity, some require less packaging and so on. Let us check out seven green products that will help reduce carbon footprint:

1. Green furniture

 Green furniture
Green furniture is sustainable
As the name implies, green furniture is sustainable, contains low levels of toxic materials and can be taken apart or recycled at the end of its life. Furniture with C2C (cradle to cradle) certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), the global sustainability consulting and product certification firm, is an example of green furniture. This kind of furniture uses reclaimed wood or bamboo, the latter growing mature in a time span of 5 years or less. Many of these can be assembled without tools. Best examples of green furniture are lounge furniture from EGM Green and furniture from Havertys, Steelcase Inc., and Herman Miller.
2. Environmentally friendly lighting

 Environmentally friendly lighting
 Eco-friendly lights for your home or office is a great way of greening up your lighting
Eco-friendly lights for your home or office is a great way of greening up your lighting. LEDs, CFLs and solar powered bulbs and lamps are energy efficient and long lasting. Green lighting systems use motion sensors to turn lights on and off only when a person's presence is detected in the room. There are timers available to turn lights off after a set time period. All this reduces the overall electricity consumption to a great extent.

3. Eco-friendly wall treatments

 Eco-friendly wall treatmentsGo for green eco-friendly wall tiles that are made of bamboo pulp which is 100% bio-degradable and chemical-free
Thinking of changing your wall decor? Go for green eco-friendly wall tiles that are made of bamboo pulp which is 100% bio-degradable and chemical-free. This is a great way to paint walls without going in for the more toxic painting process. 100% recyclable 3D tiles made from sugar cane bagasse are available in different shades which add a fresh look to walls. Paints manufactured artificially have a high metal content and emit fumes when applied on the walls or left uncovered. A reasonably better option is to use paints and finishes made of natural products like clay paint and plant based paint. The company Painted Earth manufactures good quality paints from natural products as well as high quality water-based synthetic paints and wood finishes with zero or very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) that emit few or no chemical fumes. Other manufacturers in this category include Behr - which offers eco-friendly, lead-free paints and Nippon Paints offering environment friendly paints with very low VOC. The next in this league of eco-friendly wall treatments is bio-degradable wallpapers made of natural fiber, recycled paper and post consumer recycled waste.

4. Organic apparels and eco-friendly accessories

 Organic apparels and eco-friendly accessoriesOrganic clothing is made from materials like soy, organic cotton and hemp
Organic clothing is made from materials like soy, organic cotton and hemp. Green clothing that is skin friendly and environment friendly is in vogue. These clothes are dyed with organic dyes, free from hazardous chemicals. Brands selling organic clothing and accessories include Nike, Timberland, Marks and Spencer, Wal-Mart, Target and Reebok. 'Del Forte' Denim is a cool example of organic clothing. It is made of 99% organic cotton and 1% of spandex, making the jeans environment friendly and stretchable.
There is a variety of eco-friendly accessories like bags made of wicker, recycled leather, candy wrappers, recycled sails, coir, jute, coconut shells and recycled paper in addition to eco-friendly jewelery made from recycled metal, bamboo, silver and wicker. Snake skin shoes can be made from organic cotton canvas cleverly designed to mimic snake skin. Nike makes use of recycled paper to create cool sneakers. There are foot wears made from recycled leather dyed using organic vegetable dyes.

5. Green gadgets

 Green gadgetsGreen gadgets range from solar powered devices like solar panels that charge your cell phones
Green gadgets range from solar powered devices like solar panels that charge your cell phones, car batteries and digital cameras, solar powered water heaters, lawn mowers to solar cookers. Some run on water like the eco-friendly Bedol alarm clock. It converts ions in water to energy and a single fill up lasts for more than 12 days.

There are LCD television sets like the EcoTV from Philips which is made entirely from lead-free, flame-retardant components. Its manuals as well as packaging is made from recyclable materials.

6. Green moss carpets

 Green moss carpets Moss carpets are a great way to look green, feel green and go green
Moss carpets are a great way to look green, feel green and go green, right in your bathroom. You get a beautiful feeling of fresh green grass under your feet. It is made from imputrescible foam called plastazote, which is sustainable and 100% recyclable. The mat has island moss, ball moss and forest moss, which thrive on the moisture found in bathrooms.

7. Green cleaning products

 Green cleaning productsThere is an entire range of cleaning products made of environment friendly, non-toxic, organic and bio-degradable ingredients

There is an entire range of cleaning products made of environment friendly, non-toxic, organic and bio-degradable ingredients extracted from vegetables and plants that break down completely without polluting the sewage systems. Their containers are 100% recyclable. Green cleaning products do not contain harmful substances like chlorine, benzene, glycol ethers or petroleum distillates. Amway home care products are a good example of eco-friendly cleaning products.

These environment friendly, green products will reduce your carbon foot print to a great extent. Take the initiative to go green, start using green products.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tuirrean showers the comfort of a car and the emotion felt when driving a motorcycle

In an attempt to make people travel in a safe but respectful way, designer Shawn Puhlman has come up with a concept vehicle called the Tuirrean. The three-wheeled electric creation will make people move in a clean and green way with all the security features in place.


The Tuirrean is a cross between a car and a motorcycle. It will give pleasure one feels to ride by bicycle, while making sure that riders remain safe as well as a car. The electric concept has two asientos-uno has been placed in the front and one in the back.

It is a practical vehicle that moves around the pollution of the free city. The ride online has an impressive facade that will make people look at always moves the vehicle on the road. Ride comfort-coated has been developed dramatically that no Mexican precious gasoline and load easily with the help of a normal domestic socket.

The Tuirrean has a contour curves that redefines the style of a tricycle ride. Two-wheeled electric vehicle all have been placed on the front while the back has only one wheel. A panel of glass runs through the center of the vehicle, from the front and extending to the ceiling. This gives a great view while driving and makes maneuvering the vehicle effortlessly.

The Tuirrean leaves a good impression on both cars, as well as lovers of motorcycles. Therefore, enjoy the comfort and safety of car, while you enjoy the thrill that comes labeled while traveling on a motorcycle with this incredible AWE electric creation.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wind Power, Solar Panels, Alternative Energy - What is This All About & Will It Really Save You Mone

Wind power, solar power, solar panels, solar energy, and alternative energy- over the years, these terms that have been bounced around on the news and as topics promoting ways to save money. But do you really know what each of these individual terms mean and how they can help save you money?

All About Wind Power, Solar Panels and Alternative Energy
For those of you who have seen the film "An Inconvenient Truth" - it was only when that documentary was released that the outcry for actually doing something to help save the environment increased. Why? Despite the existence of environmentalists, Greenpeace advocates and other organizations - the film opened many eyes to man's environmental dilemma to a worldwide audience.
This is actually a good thing, because now, almost all governments are rewarding its citizens with rebates and incentives when they use alternative energy sources to power their homes.
In essence, alternative energy comes from renewable sources of energy where the power of nature is harnessed so that the non-renewable fuel resources will not be depleted. Examples of alternative energy sources include:
o Solar energy
o Wind energy
o Geothermal energy
o Biomass

The good thing about these types of energy sources is that they are "clean" and renewable sources of energy.
Let's take wind energy as an example. A typical wind power system is one of those mini-windmills that we see - which comprise of a tower and five blades. What the system does is harness the power of the wind and turn it into useful electrical energy. Another example are solar panels. This is a structure which contains solar cells that collect rays of the sun and convert it into electric currents.

Today, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive solar panels - there are more cost-effective solar power generators available. Those who are looking for ways to generate wind power, use solar panels and learn more about alternative energy will be delighted to know that such a system already exists.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tesla Secret

In your heart, you know there’s got to be a better way. A way to get your payback on the greedy electric company fat cats... and show them there’s a better way to generate electricityone that costs nothing.
For the first time in almost a century, the answer to free energy is here. And no… it’s not solar panels… and you definitely won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to use it. 

In fact, this device is so easy to build… all it takes is $100 and a trip to the local electronics store to have everything you need to make your own! 

But you won’t hear about it in mainstream media… and you won’t see it featured on TV.
It’s a secret so big… it had to be locked away for 90 years, for fear it might destroy the Big Energy establishment. The genius who invented it, Nikola Tesla, had to pay a dear price for having the “nerve” to take on the big players.

  • It costs less than $100 to build – and you can find all the materials and spare parts at your local electronics shop
  • It’s completely weather proof – and it really makes no difference if it’s raining or if it’s too hot outside. And because you can use it during the night, you don’t need expensive batteries to store your excess electricity!
  • It’s incredibly easy to build. Sure, the technology may have been cutting edge in the 30’s… but these days, it's definitely no rocket science. You can get materials that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars for a few bucks… and with our step by step instructions, building your own generator is as easy as assembling an IKEA chair!
  • There are no emissions, no fumes, no radiations… in fact, it’s probably just as “green” as solar or wind power systems!
  • And best of all, it generates FREE electricity day in and day out – and that, you can take to the bank!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bus with energy hydraulic hybrid

Technological advances in the field of mobility continues to talk about the world of renewable energy, having as great exponents a broad platform of electric cars that is preparing for a 2012 with much more clean cars, and even the use of hydraulic energy in transport, as we shall see below.

The project has been carried out by a group of students at the University of technology of Georgia, who have decided to reform the bus that transports students to the educational institution with a new power plant, which generates a significant saving of fuel.

Consists of a diesel engine that provides a load of energy to a battery, which is responsible for that at the time of acceleration are made up a series of hydraulic motors, which at the time of stopping can reverse the process and capture the energy (something very similar to the regeneration of braking system, although much more efficient)

This project requires an investment of about 14,000 euros to the change, although these figures could lessen if a mass conversion of the fleet of buses of the University, with the support of the Ford Motor Company.

Monday, January 23, 2012


But perhaps many still do not know what this issue, and what is the separation of waste, for which we have prepared a brief review to internalize on general issues of this theme.

A process involving the nature and physical and chemical properties of each material that makes up a particular object, which are strictly related to its ability to produce food for microorganisms (in the case of wastes derived from vegetable origin or organic) is defined as biodegradability either amino acids, tissues, and new substances.

This capability can be given in its natural state, or by a progressive transformation which involves various factors of the environment, taking into account the oxidation, their interaction with the open, among other factors.

Firstly, we should point out that there are two types of materials that can be classified generally follows:
Biodegradable organic mostly material s:, It can be degraded shaped aerobic (used oxygen) or anaerobic (with interaction of micro-organisms that do not need oxygen) 

Non biodegradable: includes those materials that of itself does not can be degraded, as in the case of the glass, but also to Biodegradable material requiring an excessively high timeeither outstrip the ability of microorganisms to its process. A clear example of these materials are the plastics.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rechargeable battery pack

Care of energy has been one of the topics of each Government and non-governmental bodies during the past years, since the implementation of various measures to promote the use of Renewable energies, to policies that benefit those users who have a rational energy use, so what the utility offered by rechargeable batteries not only helps this, but in the care of the environment.

Mainly the rechargeable batteries are used in the world of transport, not only in automobiles and large size vehicles, but in light vehicles such as golf carts, bikes electric and motorized wheelchairs, among other uses. We will then give a brief overview of its operation and technologies that are used.
Rechargeable batteries constantly perform chemical reactions of type electrically reversible, being two fundamental processes responsible for its functioning:

Exhaustion of the electrical equipment of the battery while it generates an electric current.Electric recharge of materials when you generate a reverse reaction, requiring an external power source.
There are batteries and rechargeable batteries of different sizes and utilities, which may be combinations of chemical products, standing out mainly as follows:

Lead-ácidoNíquel cadmium (Nomencladas in its periphery as NiCd) free hydride (Nomencladas as NiMH) Ion lithium (Li-Ion) polymer (Li-Ion polymer) lithium-ion

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alternative energy information

The term alternative energy is known as renewable energy, but also what do we mean when we use this term of alternative energy information. We mean no energy other than what we already used or we mean all energy that is not finite.
Let's look at a brief history of energy; wood at a given moment was the main source of energy for mankind. Providing heat and building materials for shelter, however as time passed on wood was used in large quantities and delivery was dwindling. Humanity therefore had to find an alternative form of providing the heat that we needed, it was now the turn of coal to this much-needed to provide energy, even until today, this is still an important source of fuel for many of our needs. We now also use oil which nature offers us this oil are derived means of feeding machines, cars, we plant equipment, to only two things to mention.
However these energy providers coal, oil and natural gas are all what we term as fossil fuels and these are not renewable, in fact, they are what we known as finite fuels, and they will run out in the future.
We offer with our grandchildren a world without these resources or we have a duty to future generations to look and who use renewable energy sources?
Many people now believe that find and use of renewable energy more now, it is of the utmost importance to help these ailing planet (warming) and for the welfare of future generations.
Governments and utilities are now beginning to realize that this problem needs to be much interest and only now invest in research and also the building of alternative energy plants.
Common or popular alternative forms of energy in principle reduce the impact on the environment planets, but unfortunately have their own limitations. Now let's look at what are these alternative sources and their limitations.
Solar-energy: The transposition of the Sun's rays into useable energy namely electricity and uses the heat from the Sun with hot water. Restrictions: no Sun no energy, this kind of energy is excellent if you live in a country in which you long periods of sunshine throughout the year.
Wind Power: Use of the natural resource of planets to mechanical and electrical energy.
Restrictions: no wind, no power in very limited areas built more commonly used in open country side and hills, can be ugly and noisy if you live near what is now wind parks one.
Magnetic generators: Machine using permanent magnetism to generate electricity. Limitations: is a mechanical machine will therefore require maintenance and like all machines can break if this is your only source of energy is you must back up.
Geothermal energy: the use of hot water or steam from within the Earth the inside. Limitations: requires expensive and complicated plant to exploit.
Biofuel and Ethanol: replaced for petroleum for powering the plant and transport is derived from plants.
Limitations: not widely available yet.
Hydrogen: again used power plant and some transport. Limitations: growing concern for a safe use.
: Nuclear energy to use to produce electricity mainly in plants and some forms of transport. Limitations: removal of the fuel at the end of her life and unstable with huge potential for damage for both humanity and the planet can be.
Hopefully I have given you just a short insight into alternative/renewable energy subject and some of your questions answered. You can find more information about how you can contribute to the improvement of your carbon footprint and help the environment with the added bonus of reducing your Utility bills. Help your planets future and that of your grandchildren, building and installing your own alternative energy supply.
Look forward to you contribute to our great earth.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Relevance of Alternative Energy Sources in the Modern World

As the reserves of nonrenewable fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum is fast depleting, focus has been shifted to the alternative sources of energy like wind, solar and tidal energy. In the United States, fossil fuels meet 81.6% of the total energy supply, and only a 7.3 % of energy needs are catered by the alternative sources of energy. However, these energy sources are nonpolluting and non-diminishing, which makes it a dependable source of energy in the years to come. It is estimated that the fossil fuels will be largely used up within the twenty-first century, which has brought back the focus on alternative sources of energy for a sustainable global economy.

By endorsing the Kyoto protocol, which spells out an action plan to reduce fossil fuels in a phased manner, many countries in the European Union have reiterated their commitment to shift away from nuclear and fossil fuels- both detrimental to the environment. As a first step, these countries have set an initial goal of generating 12% of its total energy and 22% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010.

Solar energy is probably the most convenient energy source, which can be utilized as heat or can be converted to electricity using photovoltaic cells. It is a cost effective and non polluting energy source that can be used for heating and lighting homes, offices and streets. Greenhouses and solariums are common examples of the direct use of solar energy,

Tidal energy is another promising source of renewable energy. Water when passed through turbines electricity can be created and it is a clean and renewable source of energy.

Wind power is one so the most ancient forms of energy harvested by man and a windmill can convert it into mechanical energy which can be converted into electricity using generators. The power generation cost in wind energy is slightly higher than hydropower and lower than nuclear power. Alternative energy sources will be the corner stones of the future economy and these cheap and eco friendly forms of energy need to be harvested fully.

Alternative energy sources are truly countless and the prospects exciting. These will not only help to save a lot of money by fuel charges but also reduce the pollution caused by the present day fossil fuels. If you are interested to know more about these futuristic sources of renewable energy, log on to the free search engine of Jrank that gives you an authentic overview s of the energy sector and its various issues.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alternative Energy - Let's Go Green

Man has long struggled with options of how he can make the environment sustainable to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. To this end, it has been noted that alternative energy is the way to go hence the phrase, "Let's Go Green".

A number of prominent persons the world over have spoken about the importance of using renewable energy to fuel the needs of the present generation. Such personalities as the Prince of Wales are key advocates of environmental protection. They are backed by scientist who are constantly coming up with a number of green energy products intended to reduce man's destruction of his environment.

However, what this people fail to do is to show the benefits that come about as a result of using alternative energy. They pay too much attention to acting like Chicken Little and informing the world at large that the sky is falling. In this way, they fail to tap the positive force that comes from speaking positively i.e. Informing the common man about the benefits that come about as a result of using renewable energy. This is what the following article is aimed at- the main benefits of using green energy products.

For starters, using renewable energy enable us to use finite energy sources on a sustainable scale. What this means is that you will not deplete the sources of energy that can be relied upon by other people sometime in the not- too- far off future.

Secondly, the Green Movement is advocating the use of green energy since it does not lead to Global Warming. These renewable sources of energy do not emit carbon into the environment. As most people are aware, carbon that is as a result of combustion is responsible for depleting the ozone layer. It is this depletion that is a threat to the very existence of man kind in the form of Global Warming. Renewable energy is aimed at effectively putting a stop to this.

Pollution is also unheard of when it comes to using alternative energy. This is because such energy sources are very clean hence they do not lead to the pollution of the environment. When compared to conventional sources of energy, it would be more advisable to use green energy since it does not pollute the environment. This means that the current generation and posterity will enjoy the beauty of an untarnished and unpolluted environment as a result.

On the social side, green energy products have been known to create employment. This is because most of the investments that are put into renewable energy get to be spent on workmanship and materials for building and maintaining the facilities instead of importing energy. What this means is that every single coin you spend on alternative energy will most likely remain local to fuel the local economy and to create employment.

To conclude, there are a thousand other benefits that come from using alternative energy. From improving energy security for nations and people to conserving energy for use by future generations, green energy products are certainly to be looked to as the main energy solutions.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Kyoto Protocol

This Protocol aims to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions which are causes of global warming, having committed industrialised countries into a reduction of at least of 5% for the period between 2008 and 2012, compared to figures in the early 1990s.

The signatory countries of the European Union committed itself in achieving a reduction of up to 8% of these emissions, although this amount was distributed among countries according to variable economic and environmental through a system of "Burden sharing" by what the agreement was made with the following percentages of reduction:

Germany - 21% - 13% Austria Belgium - 7.5%Dinamarca - 21% Spain - 15% Finland - 2.6%Francia - 1.9% Greece - 25% Ireland - 13% Italy - 6.5%Luxemburgo - 28% Netherlands - 6% - 27% Portugal United Kingdom - 12.5%Suecia - 4%
Set the deadline, the members of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC) begin to govern on what has been fixed in annex I to the Protocol, on the actions and arrangements to take past the deadline, which has been discussed and agreed on 29 November 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.

This consultation confirmed will start the second period of the Kyoto Protocol and to begin with the creation of the Fund Green climate, with the participation of 24 countries members, which it shall take measures and provide financing for the realization of projects.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contamination with metals

It's pollution by Toxic metal, being primarily that they hardly occur in gaseous form, with the exception of mercury and selenium, for which his appearance outside the area where there is a deposit of them, is merely caused by human activities.

There are various avenues of access and deposit of a natural resource metals, subsequently causing entering metabolism and subsequent poisoning of living beings, so then let a picture that will be very useful to quickly understand the process:

On the other hand, there are two variables which facilitate its spread:
Bio-concentration: the toxic metal in living beings are concentrated in tissues and organs through biological mechanisms, causing a subsequent intake of these cause acute intoxication.

This is the case of shellfish, for example, that filtered the water where they mobilize and retain arsenic, causing a further concentration of the same.Bio-magnification:This concentration is higher in higher species on the food chain, which in the primaries.

Toxic action of the Toxic metal has variation according to various factors present in the individual affected, as the following, among others:

Monday, January 16, 2012

The volatile

This is generically called toxic volatile to those compounds or natural substances that are propagated in the form of steam, being contained in a solid support, and under conditions of temperature, pass easily to its gaseous state, being generally inhaled and ingested to a lesser extent.

The most frequent and causing increased number of poisoning in the world are as follows:
CO - CarbonoCNH monoxide - acid CianhídricoCH2O - FormolNH3 - AmoníacoSH2 - acid SulfúricoAlcoholes Metílicos, Etílicos and similaresSolventes organic - ethers, aldehydes, CetonasCompuestos Bencénicos - toluene, BencenoSolventes Clorados - MetiloCompuestos Nitrogenados - nitrobenzene, Nitrotolueno chloride, chloroform, ethyl chloride

At the same time, there are a large amount of Gas pollutants are found in varied concentrations in the environment, being inhaled and producing chronic and acute, depending on the degree of exposure, damage causing disorders not only to the Respiratory system, but also to other vital organs.
The most common compounds found are as follows:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Uranium mining in Colorado

This is something that is happening also in the United States, more precisely in the area of the Grand Canyon, where by the characteristics of the landscape and the complexity of it we can find a lot of mineral deposits.

During the Presidency of George Bush settled a great number of companies which were authorized to carry out mining operations provided not invaded areas of Northern Arizona, protected as a National Park.
In 2009 this measure was rejected, by issuing a ban on exploitation of them, although activities continued to these days, where settled a large amount of Uranium mine facilities, generating a large economic revenue whereas there are large deposits of material in these areas.

In recent days, led by President Barack Obama, finally regulated and promulgated regulations prohibiting all kinds of activity relating to mining and one that d'origine noticeable damage to the ecosystem of the area, saving not only the State of nature in this area, but also the lives of the people who live and use the waters of the basin of the Colorado River that conforms to the Grand Canyon.

This has been motivated more than nothing when it was discovered that by these previously installed mining uranium was found in at least one lake in the Park, as well as high levels of arsenic which remained old mining operations.

What do I need to know about alternative energy for your home?

If you have looked at your energy bill with a sinking feeling, you'd think it's time to start looking for alternative energy for your home. In the not so distant past, the desire to use alternative forms of energy have maybe limited to who best described as hippies by the mainstream media and the majority of the people. But, if the prices for certain types of energy, as well as the tons and tons of information about the dangers this energy continue to rise, more and more people are willing to at least consider the alternatives.
The most common of the alternative fuels is solar energy. There are a large number of people that the power of the Sun, if only for very small applications in and around their home. Look at the little walkway lights that people have for their home. Most of those are solar-powered. Many people use solar blankets on their pool, capturing the heat of the sun warming up their pool water to a more comfortable temperature without having to use an additional power source. Some people go a step further, using the power of the Sun to run their entire household. The premise is simple: the power of the Sun is captured by specialized solar panels and the energy is stored for later use, such as when the sun goes down or when it is a cloudy day.
Wind energy is gaining popularity as more people learn about it. Of course, there are drawbacks to it, but it is considered a viable alternative energy source net. Wind energy tends to be most active at night, which means that it can be used effectively in tandem with solar energy. But, even at night, you always can not predict or rely on the wind blows and the turbines used in wind energy very loud. Birds are often killed by the turbines, which can also cause problems.
There are other alternative energy sources and, including those who already centuries in use. Water can be used for powering of machines or other items required have power, but there is a nearby water source and the problem noise and other issues. Almost every energy source has some disadvantage or negative, so it is often a matter of trade from one to another, when you're looking at the costs and to minimize the impact on the environment. Ensure that you learn more about alternative energy for your home is the first step to obtain the control and power over the power you used.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Utilizing an Alternative Energy Source

As with all things, there are both advantages and disadvantages that come with using an alternative energy source in spite of all the benefits it would give to our natural environment. Of course, the scales swing heavily in favor of the benefits as opposed to the problems involved with utilizing an alternative source of energy in every single case. A little bit of digging and research will enlighten you to both sides of the debate surrounding alternative energy sources.
Deciding to be proactive in locating and utilizing an alternative natural fuel supply brings immeasurable benefits to the environment by helping to safeguard the rapidly depleting reserves of fossil fuels. So getting up to date information of what is available as an alternative energy source and the way they will aid in protecting the environment gives a greater advantage in tackling these challenges in the days to come.
One of the best alternative energy sources can be found in wind farms, harnessing the power of the wind and converting that wind into a viable energy supply. But like everything else, it does have some strikes against it. One of the downsides to wind farms is the noise pollution that comes with it, yet it is becoming one of the most popular sources of alternative power. It is efficient and in abundant supply.
The use of solar power as an alternative energy source brings plenty of advantages, as harnessing sunlight allows the creation of electricity, which can be utilized in many places including every day homes, farming industries, and many others. There are not many downsides to solar power, which is another benefit of using it as an alternative source of power. There is plentiful supply, and solar power offers savings on power bills, making it an attractive option that is bound to grow in popularity for every day fuel requirements.
Biomass, which is the term for bio energy, creates energy by utilizing both animal and plant matter, and breaking it down through a process to create a fuel source. This source is easy to replenish, and very organic. However, an obvious disadvantage is the handling of the decomposing matter, and the stench that can accompany this. Unfortunately, this one obstacle stops the majority of people from seriously considering the use of biomass as a viable and intelligent supply of alternative energy.
Looking at all of these different options for alternative energy sources, you will see advantages and disadvantages with all of them, even with those you may personally favor. The way forward is through persistent instruction and teaching on these subjects, along with staying on the cutting edge of research and developments in finding alternate energy fuels. Continuing with these approaches will help make alternative fuel a reality.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Buildings energy efficiency | SPORTE2 system for sports stadiums

Currently ongoing project at European level to improve energy efficiency in buildings with large influx of persona:SPORTE2. This project is part of the European Union 7th framework programme for r + d and is by entering the testing phase in the tecnalia kubik building and a sports centre in Etxebarri, Bizkaia.

SPORTE2 is defined by its members as an intelligent management system to integrate and control the generation, use and exchange of energy for buildings of sports and recreation in Europe ("Intelligent Management System to integrate and control energy generation, consumption and exchange for European Sport and Recreation Buildings"). The project is in charge of Tecnalia Research & Innovation and Emtesport (integral management of sports facilities). Technology centres, universities and specialized firms of Italy, Greece and Portugal joined them.

The budget of this project is 4,71 EUR million and will have Community funding of 2.97 million. SPORTE2 development plan has a duration of 36 months, estimated date of completion in September 2013.

East intelligent management system of buildings (BMS) will be modular and scalable. Developed by SPORTE2 features include monitoring, integrated control and optimization of energy in sports stadiums management and leisure centres. The entire European continent, estimated to be 1.5 million buildings, approximately 8% of the total number of buildings.

The system that will develop SPORTE2, will be suitable for both installed in equipment operation, as in new construction. Via is expected to achieve an energy saving of up to 30%, and thus also a significant reduction of the emissions of CO2 and a significant economic benefit.

Much of the research and testing of this system will be made in Vizcaya. On the one hand use the experimental building "KUBIK by Tecnalia", located in the Technological park of Bizkaia. In addition, you will implement in the Polideportivo Municipal de etxebarri (bizkaia), managed by Emtesport. There will be a key instance of the project: the test in a public space where will be made into play additional features: regulation of heating, ventilation, hot water, air-conditioning, management, monitoring and storage of energy, etc.

This energy management developed by SPORTE2 in Bizkaia model is a pioneer in Europe, and will be tested in edificios-piloto of other European cities.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Utilizing Alternate Energy Sources

In the end, you're the one who's going to reap the rewards of uncovering how alternate energy sources can aid and sustain the environment long term. When you know what you need to know, it empowers you to take action. There are a lot of sources where you can get the information you need on alternate energy and the different sources that can supply it. Then you can decide how you can apply that knowledge to your own life.

Wind power is a more familiar supply of alternative energy most people know about. It takes some effort to set it up so that you can use the full force of the wind. However, when this is carried out, it gives a really strong energy source. You only have to consider the power of nature displayed in a storm to understand how much power wind can offer as an alternate energy supply. In the old days, windmills were built to harness the wind, but the modern way is wind farms that have wind turbines set up, and they help harness the wind. An electrical generator then works to change that wind into electricity.

The great thing about wind is it offers an unending supply of power. The only variables to be considered is the weather, but despite this, wind is in pretty plentiful supply, so it makes up a good percentage of Earth's alternate energy supplies. You can see evidence that wind is a viable power source because windmills have been around for a long time.

Solar power is another very viable source of alternate energy and one frequently chosen by people. It can be used in so many different functions, such as a source of electricity to light a home or for giving off heat. Solar power is created when the heat or the rays of the sun are collected and then solar cells, which are located in solar panels in the roof, change the sun's heat into electricity.

Just like wind power, solar rays are in abundant supply and therefore make a great choice for an alternate energy supply that isn't likely to run out. Solar energy can be converted into so many different uses, the same as wind power, such as a heating source or electricity. It's also commonly used in water tanks and as a source of heating for pools among other functions.

In the end, it doesn't even matter what you choose to use as an alternate energy source. When you take time to look into it, it's clear there are benefits all round. But if we really want to improve the environment, these energy sources need to be accessible to the everyday person.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Association of producers of renewable energies (APPA)

The Association of producers of renewable energies (APPA) was established in 1987, 24 years ago, and is composed of five hundred companies related to the sector of renewable energies.

APPA is the only Association of national level related to renewable energies, which represents companies related to biofuels, biomass, wind, photovoltaic, geothermal low enthalpy, hydraulic, marine, and high enthalpy geothermal minieólico and thermoelectric solar.

Its objective is the creation of conditions favourable for the development of renewable energies, in order to achieve what works in different ámbito:uno of the most important objectives of APPA is raising awareness in society about the need to use and produce renewable sources which respect the environment and ensure sustainable development.No less important, is its process of dialogue with public and private entities (autonomous agencies, environmentalorganizations, chambers of Commerce, trade unions and any collective interested) on different aspects involved in its activity.Another important objective of APPA is coordination with educational institutions to disseminate and investigate everything related to renewable energy.Its presence as an expert in the field of renewable sources was memorable in the development of the Royal Decree 2366 / 1994 on production of electricity with renewable energy sources, with the sole purpose of better place this type of energy against the old Decree.

For those of you who are interested in making you partners, you need to know the Services offered by APPA as Association to its members:

APPA offers legal advice and criteria for action in different areas.
It keeps informed its members about updates on the legal provisions that are generating in the official newspapers of the State, autonomous communities of the European Union.

The APPA is a medium of communication itself as reported on the activities related to the sector, organizes conferences, seminars and conferences through which disseminates news and advances.
The APPA struggles to get the best conditions for its partners, negotiating insurance, Civil liability, loss of production or breakdown of machinery, etc.

Something important this Association, is that despite being State-level presence in Europe due to their membership in different associations allow you to defend their interests:

AEBIOM(European Biomass Association)EBB (European Biodiesel Board)EGEC (European Geothermal Energy Council)EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association)ESHA (European Small Hydropower Association) EUFORES(European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources)EU-OEA European Ocean Energy Association)EWEA European Wind Energy Association)GIA (Geothermal Implementing Agreement)Finally, APPA is represented in the Power of the National Energy Commission Advisory Council and is part of the Committee of agents of the Spanish market of electricity, of the EREN, and others.
There are people who care for you and what you need, supporting a cause as important is everyone's responsibility.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Biomass energy for Jaen based on waste of olivares

One of the major challenges posed by the field of biomass energy is the use of natural materials that were once only waste that often ended up in landfills. From the University of Jaén have made significant progress in the energetic use of waste of the pruning of the olive grove, something that promises to be an interesting application potential for communities in the region.

The project of the University of Jaén - which has been backing with the economic support of the Ministry of economy, innovation and science- seeks to develop the gasification as a technique in the energy transformation of the olive industry waste .

From biomass (composed by pruning of olive, olive and orujillo bone chips) is set in motion a chemical process that generates a synthesis gas (also known as 'gas'). This gas is composed of different elements such as hydrogen, monoxide carbon, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen, and is viable for use both in combustion engines internal microturbines for the generation of electric energy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lithium air batteries

As an alternative to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles are one of the promises of the future. Because they cause less pollution and not dependent on fossil fuels, electric vehicles are a viable option for transport over the coming years. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

In recent years, a number of studies have been conducted to be able to judge the popularity of the vehicles electrical. And while there are many people who would love to buy these Green cars also there are a lot of people who prefers the traditional gasoline vehicles.
Why? Well, the answer is quite simple: EVs have no conventional speed of vehicles , have less autonomy and there is also a lack of facilities for cargo. But perhaps the most important factor is the cost, even with the tax facilities in many countries is the purchase of an EV, many people cannot afford them.
To partly offset these problems, scientists have developed litio-aire batteries for electric vehicles. Thanks to the implementation of this technology be could, for example, provide a better range of autonomy for so electric vehicles can travel longer distances.

The litio-aire batteries used two electrolytes: a metal (lithium) and the other is oxygen. Now, generally each battery has an anode and a cathode. When chemical reactions take place, the electric current flows through the battery. In the litio-aire batteries, there is a cathode, oxygen. The batteries are operated to come into contact with the oxygen present in the atmosphere. That allows to be light in weight.

When they are commercially available and if all goes as planned, the batteries of litio-aire bring us closer to a future better and greener. Lithium air batteries have the ability to store a huge amount of energy: up to 5,000 watt-hours per kilogram.

This is even more than the hydrogen fuel cells. The batteries of litio-aire is estimated to have capacity of up to five to ten times more energy storage than a lithium-ion battery. Thus, with these batteries in the car, there will be need to recharge the vehicle each one few hours in case that you want to travel great distances.
The main difficulties of the lithium air batteries

The batteries of litio-aire have their share of disadvantages. Although some assume that once it succeeds in passing, they probably revolucionarán have an EV.

Firstly, the remains of the reactions accumulate in the cathode in the batteries of litio-aire. This makes the passage of air difficult. Secondly, the automotive industry itself is so great, that a large amount of lithium would have to be used to provide a massive production EVs with battery litio-aire. This is a gigantic task. Thirdly, the manufacture of the litio-aire batteries cost a fortune, and it is still difficult to such spending and investment is seen as profitable commercial eyes business's most important automobiles of the world.

Biosolar: Solar panels with ecological materials

The solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy sources in the world. And solar panels are one of the most effective applications of solar energy. A new development makes it possible that these solar panels can be built with ecological materials, and so obtain a doubly positive for the environment..

Solar panels are essentially devices that trap solar energy and turn it into direct current of electricity. The work of solar panels is based entirely on the photovoltaic effect, hence the called photovoltaic panels.
This brief introduction is to explain the photovoltaic effect required to occur in elements semiconductors. Semiconductor materials mainly used are single-crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon, which is found in each of the solar cells and are covered by glass or other materials to waterproof.
All these layers comprising solar panels are placed on a substrate or bottom layer usually contains materials such as polyester or Tedlar (a type of thermoplastic).

Solar panels can become a "greener" device, when they are made with organic materials. This is the proposal of the new BioSolar Backsheet Solar Panels.
These solar panels have a substrate (backsheet) are not built with chemical based products?in materials such as polyester and Tedlar, the most common currently. Instead this lower layer of the panel is made with a material completely ecological, obtained from castor seeds.

In addition to its ecological advantage, new panels of BioSolar substrate material shows a better thermal performance than conventional materials. The operating temperature is lower, which is also one of the highlights of this type of solar panels.

In general, this type of solar panels provides a better performance in terms of mechanical strength, electromagnetic properties, durability of long-term and adaptability to the climatic conditions. Apart from that, recycling of solar panels proposed by the manufacturer also makes this solar panel advanced and according to the demand of the contemporary world.

The almost any dependency BioSolar Backsheet solar panels towards the products of petroleum makes it - not only more suitable for environmental security – but also more economical.  Given that oil prices are increasing day by day, the greater stability of the value of its raw material and a lower cost of production also are points in favour.

One of the criticisms which this type ofecological solar panelsis that it requires a specific and precise monitoring in order to provide an optimum temperature of work during the process of generation of solar energy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Solar energy for all

Martifer Solar is a company specialized in offering all its customers all kinds of solar photovoltaic solutions adapted to each of needs requiring cover, delivering a product with a high investment photovoltaic energy presenting high guarantees for the future and profitability.

Development of renewable energies and the growing need for new sources of this type of energy has favored the growing offer in this field it is taking place by large enterprises, offering us an alternative rather than feasible to a way of life as we know only too well and, fortunately or unfortunately, needs an evolution and change.

Therefore, we bring you all the possible information about Martifer Solar, with the aim of facilitating as much as possible to find the necessary solutions to the problems or challenges in this field arise.

This company is notable as a company vertical solutions for the solar industry photovoltaic;offering those services more suited to the needs of various clients, including services of very diverse categories such as engineering or financial advisory services, are incorporated with all kinds of professionals qualified with extensive experience.

Comprehensive service promotes the proper functioning of your system, taking into account each of the variables that affect directly, so it is important that when it comes to exposing the needs which you want to cover us don't any of them, since they implemented since that time his engineering team, technical and commercial in order to adapt a form exact to them.

If you enjoyed this article might interest you following related courses. At Cursos.com we offer hundreds of courses with the possibility of employment at the end of

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Curious semi-submarino boat electrical

That today we bring you - more than anything else - is a curiosity in the field of electric vehicles , which is mostly of a somewhat eccentric luxury item (which does not remove that would be very interesting to upload one them!).

It is a compact semi submarine that uses a fully electric motor have dubbed as "Ego". The company that produces is called Raonhaje, and has released two different models "Ego you (Deluxe Edition) and Ego is (standard edition), both with capacity for 2 passengers."

Consists of a surface type pot with cover to enjoy the landscape and the navigation and - below-cabin underwater with large Windows that allow observing fish, with all its magnificence as if we were practicing diving or snorquel.

Boat semi-submarine EGO has a battery that allows 8 hours of use in cruising speed, or 4 at maximum speed, while every recharge takes between 6 and 9 hours.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Designing a kitchen of flexible solar panels

As we got used from Erenovable we bring you the latest designs in respect of the use of renewable energy-based devices. This opportunity is a development belonging to Yonggu OJ and eunha Seo, awarded a prize at the international design competition 2010 in Seoul. Many designers work in solar cookers devices something that seeks to solve the problem of many rural communities do not have electricity and other fuels (such as manure, wood or kerosene) to be generators of greenhouse gases.

The kitchen solar Hot Liner consists of a flexible solar panel that can adapt its shape to become a kitchen surface. While the design is very innovative, practical use presents several weaknesses, including the fact its high cost and their fragility. The next step in search of a viable product would ensure that these solar panels were resistant to the scratches to increase its durability.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As climate change affects biodiversity

Climate change It has become one of the main threats to the balance of nature and this means in particular that what is at stake is something as vital as the biodiversity and the maintenance of the ecosystems. In this issue we turn this article from Erenovable.

Climate change is the set of changes that are occurring in the Earth's climate system. Among them we can mention:

the increase in temperature, changes in precipitation, which become more extreme climates, increases in the level of the sea, changes in water resources

This set of imbalances affecting the flora and fauna in multiple ways: individual agencies, entire populations, the geographical distribution of species, to the functioning of ecosystems, etc.

In future, if they continue aggravating these climatic imbalances many species will be in a critical situation. In these situations the survival depends largely on the ability to adapt to new conditions: that is migrating to another Habitat, changing patterns of behaviour or through genetic modification.

But not all the species have this capability or these possibilities. The most vulnerable populations are due to its location (Islands, mountains and Peninsulas) are more difficult to migrate and those that are already weakened and have few individuals.

When this cannot be achieved the consequences will be serious. Reduction of population, decline in biodiversity in many areas and even the extinction of a worrying number of species. Future forecasts reflect this and are certainly alarming: the third part of the natural habitats are at risk of change or even disappear by the end of the 21st century (anticipation of the World Wide Fund for nature - WWF).
As I said many species will be affected by climate change and - therefore - this will have impact in biodiversity.. Here we have some cases already documented:

The golden toad native Costa Rica suspected that it was already extinct, the cause is the lack of ability to adapt to the temperature change that occurs in its Habitat.

Some birds being altered their behaviour, as for example with the Blue charas that they live in Arizona and that they are playing ahead of time.

Many plants in habitats mountain are migrating, i.e., moving to higher latitudes to find a less warm environment, and has been, for example in the Austrian Alps.
The mammals in the Arctic are the decrease of the ice, among them one of the most affected is the polar bear.

Due to the increase in the surface temperature of the seas, coral populations are shedding the algae responsible for give color to the coral. The result is bleaching of corals and the alteration of its production of nutrients.

In many areas of the Antarctic , there are serious reductions in populations of penguins, which in some cases have declined by 33%.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Animals in danger of extinction

An endangered species is a population of organisms that is at risk of extinction, so when we talk about animal and plant species. This critical situation can be achieved for various reasons: very low number of specimens, threats by environmental changes or predation.

It is necessary to clarify that extinction is also a natural mechanism that comes from thousands of millions of years ago. But we must recognize that in recent times, the impact of human activity on climate, ecosystems and numerous practices harmful against a large number of species have pushed many animals on the brink of extinction.
The situation is indeed worrying. The International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN) has calculated the percentage of endangered species as 40% percent of all organisms (estimated on the basis of the sample of species that have been evaluated through 2006).

For some of these species, Governments and international agencies provide protection in an effort to achieve the conservation. This is done, for example, forbidding hunting and traffic, with the creation of reserves or funding breeding programs.

But unfortunately only a few of the many species threatened with extinction which are covered in these programmes. Many more are the species that are extinct, or potentially become extinct with the passage of time, without increasing public attention.

The State of conservation of the species is a cataloging that tells us the probability that the endangered species become extinct. Many factors are taken into account when assessing the conservation status of a species, not just the remaining number of specimens. Other highlights are the increase or decrease in the population through time, the pups survival rates, and threats to conservation.

Based on these criteria, has drawn up a Red list of threatened species. It catalogues the species into different categories. Let's see what are they and some examples of endangered animals.
Extinct : species completely disappeared. Examples: monk of the Caribbean, Tiger of Java or Macropus greyi (an Australian wallaby), all of which are extinct in the 20th century.Extinguido in nature: only surviving individuals in captivity, but there is no wildlife.

Examples: Raven Hawaino, Wyoming Toad, Spix macaw.Critically endangered : faces an extremely high risk of extinction in the near future. Examples: Gorilla mountain, Iberian lynx, Ethiopian wolf, Bactrian camel, rhinoceros in Sumatra, Java, Philippine Eagle, orangutan, Sumatran Rhinoceros, and many other more-endangered : faces a high risk of extinction in the near future.

Examples: blue whale, Asian elephant, Giant Panda, Malayan Tapir, Tiger, Asian Lion, Borneo Orangutan, Grevy, gorillas, African Penguin Zebra, Goliat frog. And the list continues and continues.Vulnerable : faces a high risk of extinction in the medium term. Examples: the African elephant, Lion, sloth bear, polar bear, Indian Rhinoceros, Komodo dragon, great white shark, hippopotamus, Chuck.

Here also the list is worryingly long.Near threatened: may be considered threatened in the near future. Examples: American bison, Leopard, Jaguar, shark Tiger, white rhinoceros, Magellanic Penguin.Least concern : no immediate threat to the survival of the species.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Biodegradable plastic bags

Before you start to talk about the bags of biodegradable plastic , it is necessary that we stop to talk about, first of all bags plastic mostly used at present, i.e., the non-biodegradable.

Plastic bags contain a material called polyethylene resin, which is a product derived from petroleum. Given its composition, its degradation is slow in some cases reaching last 500 years to degrade. Or in other cases what happens is that it is disintegrating into pieces smaller, the result is millions of pieces of plastic that measure less than 5 mm.

The environmental consequences are really very worrying. It is estimated there are oceans between 3 and 5 kilos of plastic (millimeter size), for every square kilometer of water. This high level of contamination due to the non-biodegradable plastics (of which many contain toxic additives) leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of marine mammals every year and also affects thousands of species of birds.

Biodegradable plastics - in contrast to those who are not - They are made from natural polymers. You are called biodegradable that can be destroyed, degraded or metabolized by natural organisms, such as e.g. certain bacteria.

It is important to make clear, that even when its components are of diverse origin, these plastics have the same properties which are manufactured with oil.

Bags 100% biodegradable allow a complete degradation. The process starts after 18 months, therefore indicated in batch number that is imprinted with their date of manufacture to be aware of when it will expire.
Until that is met this year and a half of validity, the bag can retain under normal conditions without suffering any alteration of the structure or material. Therefore, it is a way that maintains 100% quality and resistance, but without generating a negative consequence for our environment.

Biodegradable bags are completely versatile they can be manufactured in different colors and sizes, position marks or legends, so that they are suitable for different uses.
Another advantage with biodegradable bags is that they can be recycled too, providing energy values similar to the plastic polyethylene bags.

The problem of plastic polyethylene bags extends globally. And here in Spain are not the exception. On the contrary, the third country more plastic bags consumed internationally. Nothing less than a few 250 plastic bags per inhabitant and per year.

This has brought a law which provides that for the year 2013, 60% of plastic bags manufactured must be biodegradable. This percentage rises to 80% by 2016. Finally, in 2018, all plastic bags must be biodegradable.