Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Biomass energy for Jaen based on waste of olivares

One of the major challenges posed by the field of biomass energy is the use of natural materials that were once only waste that often ended up in landfills. From the University of Jaén have made significant progress in the energetic use of waste of the pruning of the olive grove, something that promises to be an interesting application potential for communities in the region.

The project of the University of Jaén - which has been backing with the economic support of the Ministry of economy, innovation and science- seeks to develop the gasification as a technique in the energy transformation of the olive industry waste .

From biomass (composed by pruning of olive, olive and orujillo bone chips) is set in motion a chemical process that generates a synthesis gas (also known as 'gas'). This gas is composed of different elements such as hydrogen, monoxide carbon, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen, and is viable for use both in combustion engines internal microturbines for the generation of electric energy.