Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rechargeable battery pack

Care of energy has been one of the topics of each Government and non-governmental bodies during the past years, since the implementation of various measures to promote the use of Renewable energies, to policies that benefit those users who have a rational energy use, so what the utility offered by rechargeable batteries not only helps this, but in the care of the environment.

Mainly the rechargeable batteries are used in the world of transport, not only in automobiles and large size vehicles, but in light vehicles such as golf carts, bikes electric and motorized wheelchairs, among other uses. We will then give a brief overview of its operation and technologies that are used.
Rechargeable batteries constantly perform chemical reactions of type electrically reversible, being two fundamental processes responsible for its functioning:

Exhaustion of the electrical equipment of the battery while it generates an electric current.Electric recharge of materials when you generate a reverse reaction, requiring an external power source.
There are batteries and rechargeable batteries of different sizes and utilities, which may be combinations of chemical products, standing out mainly as follows:

Lead-ácidoNíquel cadmium (Nomencladas in its periphery as NiCd) free hydride (Nomencladas as NiMH) Ion lithium (Li-Ion) polymer (Li-Ion polymer) lithium-ion