Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alternative energy information

The term alternative energy is known as renewable energy, but also what do we mean when we use this term of alternative energy information. We mean no energy other than what we already used or we mean all energy that is not finite.
Let's look at a brief history of energy; wood at a given moment was the main source of energy for mankind. Providing heat and building materials for shelter, however as time passed on wood was used in large quantities and delivery was dwindling. Humanity therefore had to find an alternative form of providing the heat that we needed, it was now the turn of coal to this much-needed to provide energy, even until today, this is still an important source of fuel for many of our needs. We now also use oil which nature offers us this oil are derived means of feeding machines, cars, we plant equipment, to only two things to mention.
However these energy providers coal, oil and natural gas are all what we term as fossil fuels and these are not renewable, in fact, they are what we known as finite fuels, and they will run out in the future.
We offer with our grandchildren a world without these resources or we have a duty to future generations to look and who use renewable energy sources?
Many people now believe that find and use of renewable energy more now, it is of the utmost importance to help these ailing planet (warming) and for the welfare of future generations.
Governments and utilities are now beginning to realize that this problem needs to be much interest and only now invest in research and also the building of alternative energy plants.
Common or popular alternative forms of energy in principle reduce the impact on the environment planets, but unfortunately have their own limitations. Now let's look at what are these alternative sources and their limitations.
Solar-energy: The transposition of the Sun's rays into useable energy namely electricity and uses the heat from the Sun with hot water. Restrictions: no Sun no energy, this kind of energy is excellent if you live in a country in which you long periods of sunshine throughout the year.
Wind Power: Use of the natural resource of planets to mechanical and electrical energy.
Restrictions: no wind, no power in very limited areas built more commonly used in open country side and hills, can be ugly and noisy if you live near what is now wind parks one.
Magnetic generators: Machine using permanent magnetism to generate electricity. Limitations: is a mechanical machine will therefore require maintenance and like all machines can break if this is your only source of energy is you must back up.
Geothermal energy: the use of hot water or steam from within the Earth the inside. Limitations: requires expensive and complicated plant to exploit.
Biofuel and Ethanol: replaced for petroleum for powering the plant and transport is derived from plants.
Limitations: not widely available yet.
Hydrogen: again used power plant and some transport. Limitations: growing concern for a safe use.
: Nuclear energy to use to produce electricity mainly in plants and some forms of transport. Limitations: removal of the fuel at the end of her life and unstable with huge potential for damage for both humanity and the planet can be.
Hopefully I have given you just a short insight into alternative/renewable energy subject and some of your questions answered. You can find more information about how you can contribute to the improvement of your carbon footprint and help the environment with the added bonus of reducing your Utility bills. Help your planets future and that of your grandchildren, building and installing your own alternative energy supply.
Look forward to you contribute to our great earth.