Monday, January 9, 2012

Biosolar: Solar panels with ecological materials

The solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy sources in the world. And solar panels are one of the most effective applications of solar energy. A new development makes it possible that these solar panels can be built with ecological materials, and so obtain a doubly positive for the environment..

Solar panels are essentially devices that trap solar energy and turn it into direct current of electricity. The work of solar panels is based entirely on the photovoltaic effect, hence the called photovoltaic panels.
This brief introduction is to explain the photovoltaic effect required to occur in elements semiconductors. Semiconductor materials mainly used are single-crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon, which is found in each of the solar cells and are covered by glass or other materials to waterproof.
All these layers comprising solar panels are placed on a substrate or bottom layer usually contains materials such as polyester or Tedlar (a type of thermoplastic).

Solar panels can become a "greener" device, when they are made with organic materials. This is the proposal of the new BioSolar Backsheet Solar Panels.
These solar panels have a substrate (backsheet) are not built with chemical based products?in materials such as polyester and Tedlar, the most common currently. Instead this lower layer of the panel is made with a material completely ecological, obtained from castor seeds.

In addition to its ecological advantage, new panels of BioSolar substrate material shows a better thermal performance than conventional materials. The operating temperature is lower, which is also one of the highlights of this type of solar panels.

In general, this type of solar panels provides a better performance in terms of mechanical strength, electromagnetic properties, durability of long-term and adaptability to the climatic conditions. Apart from that, recycling of solar panels proposed by the manufacturer also makes this solar panel advanced and according to the demand of the contemporary world.

The almost any dependency BioSolar Backsheet solar panels towards the products of petroleum makes it - not only more suitable for environmental security – but also more economical.  Given that oil prices are increasing day by day, the greater stability of the value of its raw material and a lower cost of production also are points in favour.

One of the criticisms which this type ofecological solar panelsis that it requires a specific and precise monitoring in order to provide an optimum temperature of work during the process of generation of solar energy.