Sunday, October 31, 2010

Money talks and solar walks in our search for cheap alternative energy

Solar energy or energy is the focus of the search for cheap alternative energy if we try to reduce our dependence on, and reducing the effects of fossil fuels. Using solar energy as a tool for the creation of a less expensive alternative to our current energy sources is based on the following principles.

1. Unlike our finite resources of fossil fuels is solar energy an infinite and renewable source of energy.
2. There are no harmful emissions.
3. the use of solar energy greatly reduces the very considerable use of water, which is a typical example of the use of coal, nuclear power and combined energy sources.
4. after the first expenditure involved in the installation of solar-powered energy source, plus a maintenance costs, it is for all intents and purposes free of charge.

Those in favour of the use of solar energy always confronted with two major problems with the promotion of these possible form of low-cost alternative energy. Currently it is not, in practice, a cheap alternative.Inefficiencies and expenditure involved in setting up the initial cost means that solar energy by the majority is still seen as a marginal source of energy.

But have made considerable progress in the pursuit of greater efficiency in the use of solar energy.Recently a group of American scientists a world record in solar cell efficiency almost 41% of the light to turn it into energy.

Good news is, of course, in the long term it is not enough to the worldwide acceptance of solar energy gains as a viable alternative energy source. as always will be the determining factor costs.To the stage where this form of energy which is accessible to most people, it will never be an alternative energy, let alone our most important resource.

This all boils down finance and in a world of financial turmoil is almost always research and development that the fastest and best financial cuts.Research and development is the only way that solar power will ever come that it's available for the masses. the masses will only be able to use it like it is a cheap alternative.

This is the vicious circle that solar power and his supporters have been caught. to the stage where we achieve greater efficiency in the use of energy and the production of solar energy the units are not a cheap alternative.
In recent times of economic prosperity reinforces the focus shifted from cheap alternatives and fossil fuels their dominant position. If sufficient progress and financing has taken place in times of prosperity is very unlikely during an economic recession.

Local and national support for the promotion of solar energy as a cheap alternative energy source is probably not enough to see this idea lighting of our world. If this form of energy ever going to the stage of a cheap alternative to global cooperation and a long-term strategy. have seen the light of day?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some providers Alternative energy

Amelot Holdings is a company which currently specialises in ethanol and biodiesel plants throughout the development of the United States. Amelot's aim is to make connections to the various suppliers of alternative energy sources, which are biodiesel and ethanol researchers or to promote the long-term profitability and growth in mind is the end of the producers. The additional conditions of these alternative energy sources Amelot suppliers through joint ventures, mergers and the cause of the construction.

The power on the environment, alternative energy sources, the vendor that has two subsidiaries. One of these is Microgy, Environmental Power research and development arm. Microgy, for the developer's biogas cost-effective, clean the environment, food and agriculture waste derived from the production of renewable energy. Biogas fuels may be used in several applications. They can be used for the combustion chamber directly access engines, rely less on fossil fuels or natural gas, needed in order to meet the requirements of cleaning up and offices and housing for heating purposes, then piped. Environmental Power subsidiary is Buzzard Power. Buzzard has 83 megawatt power plant, which creates a green energy mined coal waste. Environmental Power says itself, we have a long and successful history of the construction of clean energy.Since 1982 we have developed, owned and operated by municipal waste projects hydroelectric plants for coal-fired facilities, and clean gas production and energy recovery facilities management team and we are proud of. the directors of both the public and private sectors, including energy, agriculture and finance industries, consists of the Board of Directors.

Intrepid technology and resources, Inc., is a company, which disposes of natural gas as a source of alternative energy. The company's vision to focus on the fact that the United States produces two billion tonnes of animal waste each year at the same time, at the same time, the United States ' dwindling.ITR build "organic waste digesters" local organic waste sites. these operations produces, clean and distribute the methane organic waste; is an alternative to natural gas methane. ITR currently Idaho extension with national plans.

Nathaniel Energy is a company whose aim is to protect the environment and minimize the total cost of ownership of the company. Nathaniel Energy conservation System total value (TVPS) gives companies the unique benefits of Nathaniel's recognition of the potential of alternative energy sources, the materials, which are usually to see any more than waste or impurities.Nathaniel energy technology enables it to extract and alternative energy sources, almost all possibilities of waste materials to transform energy locked.All this is produced at almost beyond what the company would have had to spend a pollution control and prevention to install facilities.Nathaniel Energy innovative TVPS returns valuable resources, which are not other processes throughout the entire process. valuable material amount recovered for reuse, which lead to the cost of pollution and the protection of the normal cleaning and monitoring processes will deal with the goods in question solely on the contaminants, or as a result of reduced TVPS. enterprises by providing a new stream the total costs of entry.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Solar Energy collection as an alternative energy source

Tuulisähkö cells — the black squares in the matrix, which includes a solar panel — will be more effective and progressively less expensive, all the time, thanks to increasingly better designs, which all collected more and more focus on sunlight concentrated butter. A reduction of the size of the Cells, such as their efficiency rises, which means that each cell becomes a cheaper product and at the same time, increases productivity. To the extent that the above costs produced a Watt-meter when the price of energy per hour, the Sun has become a $ 4.00 when at the time of this writing. Only 17 years ago it was almost twice as high as those costs.

Solar powered electricity generation is certainly a good environment, this alternative energy generates absolutely zero emissions into the atmosphere and is just one of the most naturally occurring tietoliikenneprotokollat all than the driver.Solar cells in the collection are still slowly but surely becoming more and more practical on rooftops in people's homes, and they are not difficult system to use Heating one's home, a hot water or producing electricity. in the case of using tuulisähkö hot water production, the system works to the water encased in cells that are heated and then send your own through the pipe.

Tuulisähkö cells is becoming an increasingly better, to gather sufficient radiation of the Sun even light rain or stormy days. One company, Uni-solar, has developed a collection of solar arrays, the home and work well against inclement days, technically sophisticated system by way of derogation from that stores at once more energy than the previous, or arrays of fine during the day.

PV system drug use is actually another solar PV system on your system. is connected to the electricity grid to the nearest whenever the law, in particular by means of solar energy-at home, it is moved to the grid from shared use and as a way to reduce dependence on electricity grid hydroelectrically.PV system to keep costs to a full solar energy compared to the same time reducing pollution, and taking the pressure off the network. some areas are designing small urban or suburban communities arrays, centralized solar collection.

Some big companies have done-name, which also is intended to be used in solar energy (solar generated energy in this regard that is becoming an economically viable alternative energy source) of the Act. Google is putting the 1.6 megawatt solar power generation plant on the roof of the headquarters of the company, even if Wal-Mart wants to own the huge 100 megawatt-system use.

Nations such as Japan, Germany, the United States and Switzerland has been promoting the cause of the solar by providing public subsidies or tax breaks by companies and persons who agree to use solar energy to heat or electricity As technological developments. and Sun collection more storage is available, more and more private investors see the value in the "green" technology to invest in and the extent of its implementation.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thermoelectricity: Get electricity wasted heat

From the University of Arizona, the Group of researchers led by Charles Stafford has discovered a way to capture and exploit the heat wasted and convert it into electricity . So far that have developed is a theoretical model, but are confident that may be specified that this technology promises to improve the efficiency of all types of applications: cars, plants of solar energy, factories and many others up to 25 percent. Turn would avoid the emission of CFCS (chlorofluorocarbons) which weaken the ozone layer.


The designed model is called "molecular thermoelectric device" (would be a molecular of thermoelectricity device).Although there are already other methods to convert the surplus heat into electricity, this new concept promises to produce 100 times more voltage, be more economical, require less maintenance and a cleaner technology.

The key to this new technology is based on the law of duality Onda-Partícula quantum physics. According to her, tiny objects like electrons behave much as particles and waves.Using simulators on computers they "grow" a forest of molecules formed by benzene rings and trapped between two electrons. Then exposed them to simulated heat source and determined that increased amount of benzene by molecule rings, more was the amount of energy produced.


This design can help increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells, since excessive increase of heat reduces the amount of energy we can produce.Thermoelectric molecular device would take that heat and so become more electricity, at the same time to reduce the temperature of the solar panels   increasing their productivity.






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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Solar energy and hydrogen, possible alternative fuels

We continue with this review in which we have already begun in our previous "vehicles with alternative fuel" article. We have already talked a little bit of the context that motivates extensive research in this direction, and some of the main systems that are being developed as a hybrid cars and fuel based on the use of alcohol. We now come to analyze briefly car motor from hydrogen and solar energy.


Hydrogen cars are cars that based on this item your primary way to get power to their locomotion. These vehicles can operate by combustion, where the hydrogen is "burned" as do the traditional fuels.Or through the conversion of fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity and then in power for the operation of the engine.

This system is extremely favourable to the environment because the single residue generated by the hydrogen is water. There are currently some hydrogen vehicles in operation but still remains much research and development to make them viable.


Solar cars are one of the developments in the field of alternative fuel vehicles.Operation is based on the production of energy solar located above the car.So far these designs have not shown even a form of practical, transport by the insufficient level of energy they generate and little convenience designs which should be in accordance to format its roof solar panels.


More information in:

The first car powered by compressed air worldwide

Solar plane


car hydrogen on Google

solar car on Google

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Investing in alternative energy supplies-New Way To Boost your profits

With a diverse portfolio is something investors will explain is important. In this way, you don't end up to put all of your money in one place and can you money by many different roads. One of the areas people considering is to invest in alternative energy stocks. This may sound like a risky undertaking, but every time that you invest your money, there is no guarantee that you're going to get a positive return. Alternative energy is the wave of the future and with the emergence of new companies, this can be a very profitable market. Do not turn your back too fast because many investors are not.

Analysts? projections are beneficial in this area. They say that by 2013, a $ 13 billion dollar industry. There are many ways to look at the other hand, it is that if you have a nice little start-up company, you could on your hands, the following items supplied by Microsoft. This means that this small company was a conglomerate at night with a beat on the market.Of course, that's always the dream and rarely happens. Realistic, these little companies, a lot of potential, especially as a form of alternative energy is selected as the course of the future.

There are a few reasons why investing in alternative energy stocks is a route to go. The first thing is that more and more businesses are research into the use of alternative fuels. There are many on the market already like ethanol and bio-diesels.With gasoline and oil prices are so high and the US dependence on foreign oil, want to help with these problems. alternative energy is also less harmful to the environment. Companies are on the lookout for ways to renewable energy sources or those who take care of fewer emissions than the current one.

However, there is also the downside to invest in alternative energy stocks. It's such a insecure area, and is not the right way to go.You might end up looking at hundreds of different shares or geothermal energy is the way to make sure that the ethanol companies or solar energy. that's just three alternative energies and quite apart from the other ways in which companies are trying to find alternative energy. If you get a chance on solar energy, it can show that the oceanic thermal energy along the way. There is no real answer.

Anyone who is considering investing in alternative energy resources, lead to the need for a financial advisor.Many have experience in this market and know more about this sector than you could ever meet. they will show you which companies the best head and what alternative energy has the best chance to be the main source of energy for the future. the market for alternative energy is an important stage because it only starts up.Many of these companies have a lot to offer and other not even worth watching.The financial planners will get back to you in the right direction.

Be careful, but most analysts agree that alternative energy stocks a great place to look if you are considering to invest money.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The way the army is using Alternative energy

US military branches must know how to "aluesuunnittelujärjestelyjä war theatre" way of thinking the world of the new, post-Cold War in the 21st century. One thing that military leaders stress is for the forces deployed Theatre the desire to be able to be energy independent. Currently, the US military has practices and procedures or its allies to help local populaces sympathetic its forces in the field to obtain the necessary energy and clean water of foreign military campaign. This is not completely reliable, in the United States, and find yourself facing a unilateral military activities, or are themselves in a situation where its allies can not help it to carry out military operations successfully.

The u.s. military is very interested in certain alternative energy sources, that the appropriate research and technologically, make it independent of energy, or at least to offer more to the battlefield. Things that are interested in along these lines greatly army is a small nuclear reactors, which may be portable, theatre-the development of local power generation. The army takes a bit of How clean fire nuclear reactors are and how they are energy efficient. Making them portable today very mobile, small scaled military warfare operations is something typical of their journey.The most visible thing, that the military of the United States believes that these small nuclear reactors should benefit from contains hydrogen (for fuel cell) from the sea water elimination. is also of the opinion that the sea water conversion hydrogen fuel in this manner would have less negative impact on the environment than the present practices of the remainder of the field of out.

The sea water has, in fact, the army of the highest interest in alternative energy will matter.The sea water can be endlessly "mined" hydrogen, fuel cells, which in turn powers advanced. Use sea water may also OTEC, endlessly into desalinated potable water. Drinking water and hydrogen power are close to the future deployed military power is the greatest of all things.

In nuclear reactors cores — which stated above are devices, very interesting, portable form, to the u.s. military — We are confronted with a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.Sekoittuessaan level temperature and thermo-chemical water sharing procedure, we have in our hands and water into the components which are molecular hydrogen and oxygen down breaking in the most efficient way possible. minerals and salts that are included in the Desalination of sea water must be extracted through the process in order to clear the way for water sharing process then it may be. these current, such as vitamins or salt Shakers-or simply sent back to the Ocean (recycling) by using the power of nuclear reactors. Extract from the sea, this hydrogen to input then that fuel cells power advanced Airplanes, tanks, ground vehicles, and the way is clearly a great army OF R & D on the priority list.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What is the alternative energy

There are a lot of energy that we will be extended, if we can only do research and develop the necessary technologies. We can get out of fossil fuels and the old electronic networks by removing these energy options.

One of these alternative energy sources is the wind.Wind turbines now further develop a progressively more energy efficient and cause less expense. "Wind farms "is springing many Nations, and they must also become more strategic in the longer term, in such a way as to be the setting up of birds, such as former wind turbines.

Alternative energy resource is the one who is best known: the solar cells, solar energy. to collect and to focus the Sun's energy by direct and reverse the electricity or, in certain cases, the preparation of hot water. With wind energy, solar energy creates an absolute zero pollution.

Ocean wave energy is seen Governments and investors ' creating a huge energy potential. Generator in France has been in force for many years and is considered to be a success, and the Irish and Scots run kokeiluverkoston.

Hydro has been with us for some time and if it is configured, is a powerful generator of electricity and cleaner than in the grid.However, there are certain restrictions to set up a large dam and the availability of the right places. Many of the run-of-river, or small and localized, hydropower generators is set to this limitation is due to recently.

Geothermal energy is very high, because it is to us directly below the surface of the leg, only a few miles below. This energy by heating the water planet, in connection with the transfer of molten Floris hot key actions.In the event of a change in Water vapour, which is to ensure a rapid European response and uses drive incorporating turbine engines, which in turn generate electricity. research and a large number of tap should be brought into line with those of geothermal energy.

Waste gas energies, which are mainly methane, reverse the usual energy in relation to pollution by creating energy waste, which lies in the images and some air pollutants.This gas is used in fuel cells and can use standard petrol generators.

Ethanol is a petrol substitute and wheat, sugar cane, grapes, strawberries, maize, and even wood in chips and wood cellulose is created.Is the subject of controversy with this fuel through its ever becoming really economic or policy with the exception of very localized areas, but the extraction and admixturing is cleaned continuously.

Biodiesel plants in energy is created out of aqueous solutions of essential oils. to date, has been created using Soybean biodiesel commercial stocks, colza and sunflower oils. at the time of this writing, the biodiesel are generally of entrepreneurship to friends who want to experiment with private individuals or alternative energy sources, but a commercial interest from companies has led to much higher purity than. Burnt oil-based diesel.

Atomic energy is created the atomic energy plants energy of nuclear fission. This is a very efficient and generate huge amounts of power, not what you want to make a relatively small number of waste product, atomic energy offers disabled because it is radioactive and take the harmlessness of the decay of some of the hundreds of persons.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The use of alternative energy to retain a Green Earth Help

Today, the big question is whether you want to replace, and our dependence on hydrocarbon fuels such as coal and oil fuel. Alternative energy is perhaps one of the most talked about and talked about the resource in today's society as a possible replacement for hydrocarbons. It's estimated that our natural resources in 150 years will have been exhausted and as such, we must in the constant search for viable alternative sources of energy.

The most common types of alternative energy that are currently in use solar energy, wind energy and hydropower.The alternative energy sources of natural phenomena abundance on the planet, and as such they are in principle free. it is this alternative sources of energy that is often conducted in order to ensure an economically viable energy source that can be used by the entire planet.

Take a closer look at these kinds of alternative energy sources, we are able to see the differences of each other and the benefits they can over each other as a substitute for hydrocarbon fuels would have.

Wind Power

The use of wind energy, while a free alternative energy source, would be in the current scenario, the most valuable source of renewable energy.The costs are high, thanks largely to the fact that the wind turbines is to be entered as well as in all countries with sufficiently numerous to ensure that enough electricity to meet the needs of the population is generated, including areas where the wind speed is not very strong. costs shall be clearly enough to be able to make use of alternative energy of the wind to build wind turbines is astounding.

The use is today in the countries with the financial strength to invest in wind power and where the climate allows for enough wind to power the turbines. Many farmers and rural communities, however, use wind turbines to provide power for themselves.In low numbers, the cost of the construction of wind turbines to such investment can pay for itself pretty quick but gradually escalate in larger quantities and as such have not been used by many.

Solar energy

As a source of alternative energy [], it is solar energy calculated from the natural power of the Sun.Other than the installation of the necessary equipment to the Sun's rays into useful electricity is generally free.The cost of the equipment needed to harness the power of the Sun is in the last few days has become less expensive, mainly due to the technological progress. in General, the cost of the investment for smaller installations pay for itself with just a few years or so.

Many of you live in areas that are trying to save power by having rolling power outages on a daily basis.This is no longer a problem for those who use of solar energy! when you use solar energy to power your home, as long as your generator is that you have power.The way in which these generators work, is that power of the Sun during the day in the generator in storage cells is drawn. the generator then bring the stored solar energy into usable energy for your home. This means that, even if the rest of the city under a power outage, your home can still be smoothly on solar energy.

For the many who live in areas that are trying to save energy by making use of rolling blackouts day in and day, the use of solar energy, on a regular basis, flexibility and power loss would no longer be a source of concern.At home with the help of solar energy is only required for your generator enabled to the force required is when the case of a power failure. these generators work in such a way that during the day the solar power has been pulled in the aggregate to the cells of the storage and generator set the solar energy that is stored in the cells into usable electric energy that is a home away from home. in brief, paused, or planned outages still stands in front of the House that electricity with this alternative energy source.

Equipment needed to build systems make use of solar energy as an alternative energy source for homes can quite easily be bought in most home improvement stores in the developed countries, and to be easily installed on a couple of hours. solar panels are easy to install on your own, but it does it can sometimes be difficult, but there are normal contractors who the work of the installation of solar panels and generators at a reasonable price in a position to do so.

Hydro Power

The use of water for a long time, in particular, the use of it as a replacement for manual labor, and there is also a proof of the first commercial use of hydro power as an alternative energy still exist today in the so clearly the old mill and industrial installations. Hydropower is now on a larger scale products used power and the construction of dams and hydroelectric facilities, it is rapidly increasing as a result of concern about the depleting natural hydrocarbon resources.

The use of hydro power as an alternative energy source, however, is limited to areas where water is plentiful and the natural area allows to be used to power turbines that generate the electricity needed. some homeowners are, however, recently started with the device and establishments for the production of small quantities of electricity, enough for their home or farm outside needs to develop.

Keeping the Earth Green!

The use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy to provide power for your home is one of the best ways that you can help keep the Earth green! solar energy you need for the burning of fossil fuels and hydrocarbons and, as such, offers you the necessary energy without the break down of the sources of the Earth in view of the fact that our standard of living there is no possibility for the breaking down of the Sun's energy. the use of these alternative energy also ensures that you keep your kind healthier and cleaner environment because you do not in anyway to the depletion of natural resources.

Regardless of what type or source of alternative energy that you want to use for your home, the fact is that we still need a viable source of renewable energy that can be used by anyone quickly, if it takes longer to find this, the more natural resources exhausted and used.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Way Out alternative sources of energy

When we think alternative energy sources, we think to solar energy, wind energy and even the Gulf stream. But have you ever considered the possibility of energy from old tablets, used diapers and molten salt? Alternative energy from waste and molten salt sources is no longer the stuff of fiction, it has successfully tried and tested.

Alternative energy prevents waste and emissions 

As companies in the United Kingdom to comply with the rules of trade of the EPC, alternative energy is not just for bunny huggers; everyone can benefit from the production of energy from new sources. the energy needed to our daily activities can be transferred from just about anything.  We sat down with all of these potential energy, but without the means to make use of it.

Some innovative scientists and inventors have found ways of converting waste, which is usually difficult to dispose, energy and this gives us the possibility of two birds with one stone dead. Not only does this reduce the risk of the substance in water tables and reduces the problems of the landfill, but increases the load on our stocks of fossil fuels and oil.

Use a pill energy

Medication seems to be one of the most unlikely alternative sources of energy. Expired medication is notoriously difficult to get rid of it. If people their medication in the toilet flush, the part of the water system, and if it is thrown away as a landfill, the potentially harmful chemicals seep into the soil and water tables, in the end, Governments are becoming increasingly. more concerned about pharmaceutical water pollution, scientists have found high levels of many drugs in water resources.Some of these are hormone pills, which lead to cancer and animal movements.

A company in the United States, which specializes in the removal of expired drugs sends expired medicines to an energy company that waste into energy turnover. six and a half million pounds of pills were in 2006, producing enough energy power one hundred homes for more than a year.

Fill the tank with dirty diapers.

Another alternative energy company was looking for waste resources that are consistently produced to diesel fuel from. the reply came in the form of used diapers.The company will now 30, 000 tonnes of diapers in 10, 000 tonnes of diesel fuel to 50 cents per litre in a closed system of low emissions.

Molten Salt compared to fossil fuels

We looked at all to the elements, the air, Sun and water, for alternative energy sources, but a rocket construction company and solar energy company in North America thinking out of the box and came up with a method for energy from molten salt.

Molten salt is often used to alloys, but analysts say that the idea of combining of solar energy and molten salts. solar energy is collected by tilting the mirrors that directly to the molten salt, which is then heated to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam that is used to drive a turbine. the molten salt can be used to repeat the process and no emissions are produced.

Driving with a drink

Thousands of bottles of smuggled alcohol be seized on an annual basis, and authorities in Sweden have come up with a brilliant alternative energy use-with the help of alcoholic cocktails as biogas source to power cars and buses. it seems like a noble use of the large amount of liquor for consumption per year.

Alternative energy sources give us a way out of the crisis of the oil, and let us feel all warm and fuzzy inside about saving the environment with renewable energy. at the moment, however, difficult to alternative energy sources accessible to everyone, such as new energy systems are more expensive to produce.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Solar Electricity Handbook, 2010 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy - Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems

Solar Electricity Handbook, 2010 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy - Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric SystemsThe Solar Electricity Handbook is a practical and straightforward guide to using electric solar panels. Assuming no previous knowledge of solar panels, the book explains how solar panels work, how they can be used and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a solar electric system from scratch using photovoltaic solar panels.

This is an update to the 2010 Edition of the book with even more diagrams, details and up-to-the-minute information on this exciting technology.

Accompanying this book is a solar resource website containing lots of useful information, lists of suppliers and on-line solar energy calculators that will simplify the cost analysis and design processes.

Why buy the Solar Electricity Handbook?
* The Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric photovoltaic panels.
* The book is suitable for enthusiastic novices and professionals.
* Clear examples, diagrams and example projects are given to demonstrate the true capabilities of these systems.
* The Handbook is updated yearly, providing a up-to-date reference for anyone planning to use electric photovoltaic technology.
* It is the most comprehensive book on solar electric systems available today.
* It is backed up by the most powerful online calculator tools available, to make your design and calculations as straightforward as possible.
* With comprehensive detail in the book for both North America and Europe, the Handbook provides you with information that is relevant to you and your project - where ever you live.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit

The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit gives you several more reasons to love the sun. It provides the power you need, while helping you save money and protect the environment. This kit is ideal for cabins, recreational vehicles, remote power, back-up power, and 12-volt battery charging. It comes with everything you need to start producing up to 15 Watts/125mA of clean, free power in all weather conditions.

Sunforce kits are easy to set up and operate.
Convenient Power That Helps You Save Money and Protect the Environment
The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit lets you harness the power of the sun, the most powerful and plentiful source of energy available to us. This inexhaustible supply of power is freely available wherever the sun shines, and gives users the freedom to power their homes, RVs, boats, batteries, and electronic equipment far from civilization or right in town. Solar power can help cut your energy bills by reducing your dependence on the main electrical grid, and can also provide back-up power during outages. Unlike nuclear and fossil fuels, solar power systems are clean and pollution-free, and they require very little maintenance to operate.

Sunforce Solar Panels are effective in areas of both high and lower
sun exposure, making them ideal for use in the United States.
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Everything You Need to Power Up
The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit has everything you need to start generating power. It includes one 15-Watt amorphous solar panel, a 7-Amp solar charge controller, and a wiring kit with accessories for easy installation.

With built-in blocking diode technology, this solar charging kit is designed to protect against battery discharge at night. You can also use this kit to maintain the charge on any 12-Volt battery for clean, silent operation of various electronics, such as deer feeders and landscaping pumps. The included charge controller features a built-in ultra-bright blue LED charging indicator, and is a great choice for automobiles, recreational vehicles, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, boats, electric fences, telemetry and more.

About Amorphous Solar Power
Amorphous solar panels are created by spraying silicon on to glass in very thin layers, and are commonly known as thin film solar panels. This process allows them to be better at generating electricity in all lighting conditions, including cloudy or shady environments. Sunforce amorphous solar panels are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. They have a maximum operating temperature range of -40 to 176-degrees Fahrenheit, require virtually no maintenance, and are also effective on cloudy days. They can even withstand impacts from one-inch hailstones at 50 miles-per-hour.

Solar panels convert sunlight into an electric current, they do not store power. Sunforce Solar Charging Kits are primarily used to recharge 12-Volt batteries (not included), which store and provide usable power. A power inverter (not included) allows you to use traditional 110-Volt appliances with this system. The included Sunforce 7-Amp Solar Charge Controller must be installed to prevent any connected batteries from overcharging. Once fully charged, it is normal for the charge controller LED to turn off and on as the battery voltage fluctuates from the discharge/recharge cycle.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Life is good Women "Alternative Energy" Organic T-Shirt, XL

Life is good Women Life is good made this Earth friendly masterpiece of clothing for the eco-conscious optimist in all of us.

100% Organic cotton is of the highest quality in the world and the workmanship of this product is as well. You will find this super soft, comfortable and soon to become a good friend every time you wear it.

Good Karma is a fitting name for this style shirt as you will feel, give and receive positive vibes from wearing this shirt each day - it truly will bring smiles to your world.

Live in Harmony. Environmentally friendly clothing for environmentally friendly people is the message of Good Karma on the inside collar.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Wind Power

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Wind PowerRenewable Energy Science Kit. Build a working wind turbine. Harness mechanical energy to lift weights. Generate electricity to light an LED and charge a battery. Learn the physics of wind turbines. Discover how wind occurs and why it is such a good energy source. Includes full-color, 32 page experiment manual.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

Sunforce 50012 1.8-Watt Solar Battery MaintainerSunforce 50012 1.8 Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

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