Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Solar energy and hydrogen, possible alternative fuels

We continue with this review in Erenovable.com which we have already begun in our previous "vehicles with alternative fuel" article. We have already talked a little bit of the context that motivates extensive research in this direction, and some of the main systems that are being developed as a hybrid cars and fuel based on the use of alcohol. We now come to analyze briefly car motor from hydrogen and solar energy.


Hydrogen cars are cars that based on this item your primary way to get power to their locomotion. These vehicles can operate by combustion, where the hydrogen is "burned" as do the traditional fuels.Or through the conversion of fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity and then in power for the operation of the engine.

This system is extremely favourable to the environment because the single residue generated by the hydrogen is water. There are currently some hydrogen vehicles in operation but still remains much research and development to make them viable.


Solar cars are one of the developments in the field of alternative fuel vehicles.Operation is based on the production of energy solar located above the car.So far these designs have not shown even a form of practical, transport by the insufficient level of energy they generate and little convenience designs which should be in accordance to format its roof solar panels.


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