Saturday, October 16, 2010

The way the army is using Alternative energy

US military branches must know how to "aluesuunnittelujärjestelyjä war theatre" way of thinking the world of the new, post-Cold War in the 21st century. One thing that military leaders stress is for the forces deployed Theatre the desire to be able to be energy independent. Currently, the US military has practices and procedures or its allies to help local populaces sympathetic its forces in the field to obtain the necessary energy and clean water of foreign military campaign. This is not completely reliable, in the United States, and find yourself facing a unilateral military activities, or are themselves in a situation where its allies can not help it to carry out military operations successfully.

The u.s. military is very interested in certain alternative energy sources, that the appropriate research and technologically, make it independent of energy, or at least to offer more to the battlefield. Things that are interested in along these lines greatly army is a small nuclear reactors, which may be portable, theatre-the development of local power generation. The army takes a bit of How clean fire nuclear reactors are and how they are energy efficient. Making them portable today very mobile, small scaled military warfare operations is something typical of their journey.The most visible thing, that the military of the United States believes that these small nuclear reactors should benefit from contains hydrogen (for fuel cell) from the sea water elimination. is also of the opinion that the sea water conversion hydrogen fuel in this manner would have less negative impact on the environment than the present practices of the remainder of the field of out.

The sea water has, in fact, the army of the highest interest in alternative energy will matter.The sea water can be endlessly "mined" hydrogen, fuel cells, which in turn powers advanced. Use sea water may also OTEC, endlessly into desalinated potable water. Drinking water and hydrogen power are close to the future deployed military power is the greatest of all things.

In nuclear reactors cores — which stated above are devices, very interesting, portable form, to the u.s. military — We are confronted with a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.Sekoittuessaan level temperature and thermo-chemical water sharing procedure, we have in our hands and water into the components which are molecular hydrogen and oxygen down breaking in the most efficient way possible. minerals and salts that are included in the Desalination of sea water must be extracted through the process in order to clear the way for water sharing process then it may be. these current, such as vitamins or salt Shakers-or simply sent back to the Ocean (recycling) by using the power of nuclear reactors. Extract from the sea, this hydrogen to input then that fuel cells power advanced Airplanes, tanks, ground vehicles, and the way is clearly a great army OF R & D on the priority list.