Friday, October 15, 2010

What is the alternative energy

There are a lot of energy that we will be extended, if we can only do research and develop the necessary technologies. We can get out of fossil fuels and the old electronic networks by removing these energy options.

One of these alternative energy sources is the wind.Wind turbines now further develop a progressively more energy efficient and cause less expense. "Wind farms "is springing many Nations, and they must also become more strategic in the longer term, in such a way as to be the setting up of birds, such as former wind turbines.

Alternative energy resource is the one who is best known: the solar cells, solar energy. to collect and to focus the Sun's energy by direct and reverse the electricity or, in certain cases, the preparation of hot water. With wind energy, solar energy creates an absolute zero pollution.

Ocean wave energy is seen Governments and investors ' creating a huge energy potential. Generator in France has been in force for many years and is considered to be a success, and the Irish and Scots run kokeiluverkoston.

Hydro has been with us for some time and if it is configured, is a powerful generator of electricity and cleaner than in the grid.However, there are certain restrictions to set up a large dam and the availability of the right places. Many of the run-of-river, or small and localized, hydropower generators is set to this limitation is due to recently.

Geothermal energy is very high, because it is to us directly below the surface of the leg, only a few miles below. This energy by heating the water planet, in connection with the transfer of molten Floris hot key actions.In the event of a change in Water vapour, which is to ensure a rapid European response and uses drive incorporating turbine engines, which in turn generate electricity. research and a large number of tap should be brought into line with those of geothermal energy.

Waste gas energies, which are mainly methane, reverse the usual energy in relation to pollution by creating energy waste, which lies in the images and some air pollutants.This gas is used in fuel cells and can use standard petrol generators.

Ethanol is a petrol substitute and wheat, sugar cane, grapes, strawberries, maize, and even wood in chips and wood cellulose is created.Is the subject of controversy with this fuel through its ever becoming really economic or policy with the exception of very localized areas, but the extraction and admixturing is cleaned continuously.

Biodiesel plants in energy is created out of aqueous solutions of essential oils. to date, has been created using Soybean biodiesel commercial stocks, colza and sunflower oils. at the time of this writing, the biodiesel are generally of entrepreneurship to friends who want to experiment with private individuals or alternative energy sources, but a commercial interest from companies has led to much higher purity than. Burnt oil-based diesel.

Atomic energy is created the atomic energy plants energy of nuclear fission. This is a very efficient and generate huge amounts of power, not what you want to make a relatively small number of waste product, atomic energy offers disabled because it is radioactive and take the harmlessness of the decay of some of the hundreds of persons.