Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contamination with metals

It's pollution by Toxic metal, being primarily that they hardly occur in gaseous form, with the exception of mercury and selenium, for which his appearance outside the area where there is a deposit of them, is merely caused by human activities.

There are various avenues of access and deposit of a natural resource metals, subsequently causing entering metabolism and subsequent poisoning of living beings, so then let a picture that will be very useful to quickly understand the process:

On the other hand, there are two variables which facilitate its spread:
Bio-concentration: the toxic metal in living beings are concentrated in tissues and organs through biological mechanisms, causing a subsequent intake of these cause acute intoxication.

This is the case of shellfish, for example, that filtered the water where they mobilize and retain arsenic, causing a further concentration of the same.Bio-magnification:This concentration is higher in higher species on the food chain, which in the primaries.

Toxic action of the Toxic metal has variation according to various factors present in the individual affected, as the following, among others: