Sunday, January 15, 2012

Uranium mining in Colorado

This is something that is happening also in the United States, more precisely in the area of the Grand Canyon, where by the characteristics of the landscape and the complexity of it we can find a lot of mineral deposits.

During the Presidency of George Bush settled a great number of companies which were authorized to carry out mining operations provided not invaded areas of Northern Arizona, protected as a National Park.
In 2009 this measure was rejected, by issuing a ban on exploitation of them, although activities continued to these days, where settled a large amount of Uranium mine facilities, generating a large economic revenue whereas there are large deposits of material in these areas.

In recent days, led by President Barack Obama, finally regulated and promulgated regulations prohibiting all kinds of activity relating to mining and one that d'origine noticeable damage to the ecosystem of the area, saving not only the State of nature in this area, but also the lives of the people who live and use the waters of the basin of the Colorado River that conforms to the Grand Canyon.

This has been motivated more than nothing when it was discovered that by these previously installed mining uranium was found in at least one lake in the Park, as well as high levels of arsenic which remained old mining operations.