Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Designing a kitchen of flexible solar panels

As we got used from Erenovable we bring you the latest designs in respect of the use of renewable energy-based devices. This opportunity is a development belonging to Yonggu OJ and eunha Seo, awarded a prize at the international design competition 2010 in Seoul. Many designers work in solar cookers devices something that seeks to solve the problem of many rural communities do not have electricity and other fuels (such as manure, wood or kerosene) to be generators of greenhouse gases.

The kitchen solar Hot Liner consists of a flexible solar panel that can adapt its shape to become a kitchen surface. While the design is very innovative, practical use presents several weaknesses, including the fact its high cost and their fragility. The next step in search of a viable product would ensure that these solar panels were resistant to the scratches to increase its durability.