Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bus with energy hydraulic hybrid

Technological advances in the field of mobility continues to talk about the world of renewable energy, having as great exponents a broad platform of electric cars that is preparing for a 2012 with much more clean cars, and even the use of hydraulic energy in transport, as we shall see below.

The project has been carried out by a group of students at the University of technology of Georgia, who have decided to reform the bus that transports students to the educational institution with a new power plant, which generates a significant saving of fuel.

Consists of a diesel engine that provides a load of energy to a battery, which is responsible for that at the time of acceleration are made up a series of hydraulic motors, which at the time of stopping can reverse the process and capture the energy (something very similar to the regeneration of braking system, although much more efficient)

This project requires an investment of about 14,000 euros to the change, although these figures could lessen if a mass conversion of the fleet of buses of the University, with the support of the Ford Motor Company.