Monday, September 3, 2012

New Type of Bladeless Wind Turbine Can Be Twice as Efficient Without Being a Danger to Birds

When it comes to the future of wind power, a company thinks of cost savings and efficiency. So in Tunisia has created a new technology called Zero-Blade.

But what's that Zero-Blade technology? The knives are replaced by a shaped candle body while gearbox hub and are removed, thereby increasing the efficiency of existing devices for converting wind power.

According to the company an average wind turbine capture only 30 or 40%, while the turbine is said Saphon 2.3 times more efficient. Additionally, the expected cost reduction of 45% less than a conventional turbine, mainly due to the fact that there is no sheet, bucket, and no gearbox units.

The most important of the Zero-Blade is energy storage. Most of the kinetic energy can be stored (through a hydraulic accumulator) or can be converted into electricity with a hydraulic motor and a generator. "We have developed several prototypes.  

We are in our second-generation prototype. We did the test and the second is twice as efficient as a three-bladed turbine in terms of production is at least 50% cheaper. "Said Hassine Labaied, one of its creators.