Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Children Taught to Recycle

Children have a great capacity for learning, especially when we present the content in an attractive, like a game or story. Thus, to accustom them to recycle or performing any beneficial, we present it as fun as that may be part, avoiding being seen as an obligation. After 3 years, and can learn, bearing in mind that the example of carers, as elsewhere, the most important factor.

To develop environmental awareness of the smallest we can apply different games, for example we can draw with them the four different types of container there is: the paper and cardboard (blue), indicated for glass (green), in which we introducing plastic, cans and cartons (yellow) and finally the organic waste (orange). Once these drawings, there are different possibilities.

  We can draw several objects and paste them in the right place (for example, a bottle of crital we could about the green bin or a banana peel on the container might be orange), or simply ask them to make a list of things that go on every one of the containers and write it up. This collage can be placed in a visible place in the kitchen for them to appropriate locations to memorize each waste, and even cuts gradually add more pictures or words in the right place.

Another way to instill the skills needed to recycle them is to reviewing how things are made, trying to gradually increase the difficulty level. We would start with something simple, like a pasta on to cook, and we would gradually complicating with different objects. So they can memorize it, is a good idea to draw the object in question and then the parts that are divided: in the example above would wrap the dough over, he would go to waste plastic (yellow container) and paste itself, which would go organic.

Finally, we should not rule out the strategy of the story, as it always seems to be effective. Explain in an entertaining and patient, the reasons why it is necessary to recycle, always a good idea, especially if we do as a story, a story much more accepted by them, in which the princess always recycled and the knight helps you in your task, it is very important for the future of the kingdom.