Saturday, July 7, 2012

Geothermal energy by AltaRock energy

 Then we will analyze a research project that is being carried out in the United States by the AltaRock Energy Company, with a new way to capture her and transform it into much-needed electricity.

A clear example of what is capable this Energy source is at the puritama, where the concentration of heat is capable of mobilizing large masses of water, producing steam and a sudden rise of the same by a crack in the Earth's surface, although, of course, be able to attract is extremely difficult in this State.
That is why geothermal energy requires a great technological advancement which suppose High-performance at the lowest possible cost, in addition to producing the lowest possible modification to the environment where it is located.

Developing project envisages the extraction of energy from those accessible geological formations that require no drilling and conditioning, and that they are capable of generating heat, but they aren't natural puritama.

In them it would ride a closed system for the generation of a large amount of steam with a constant movement of a certain amount of water that condenses and will, precipitate held accountable without assuming an impact on local water supply.