Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nuclear energy

 Humans did use for quite some time of nuclear energy for electricity and so has proceeded to the construction of nuclear power stations.

They nuclear power plants are facilities that produce electricity using nuclear reactors that are devices ready to produce a controlled nuclear reaction. One runaway would be what happened in Hiroshima, or an atomic bomb.

To produce electricity through nuclear reactions, plants used as raw fissile material so-called, providing heatthrough their reactions.

This heat is then employed by a thermodynamic cycle move an alternator to produce electric energy. This is the operation typical of a nuclear power plant.

The most common is that nuclear power stations use elements such as uranium or plutonium for nuclear reactions necessary.

While in its own nuclear energy does not generate gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere as in the central coal, yes they generate radioactive waste which are highly polluting and hazardous, and require to be housed in isolated and controlled deposits.

Nuclear power plants are also responsible for indirect emissions resulting from its own construction, manufacture of the fuel and the subsequent management of radioactive waste, which tend to be thrown into rivers, sometimes even without any control.

They are also dangerous when they are not controlled, as it has happened in the famous accident at Chernobyl, the Fukushima, and also in various accidents that have occurred in the Spanish nuclear power plants.

Let's see a list of the most important Nuclear power plants of the world:
Spain nuclear : Spain currently has eight nuclear power stations, including Santa María de Garoña, whose dismantling is this deciding now.

The other seven are central: Almaraz I and II Almaraz; Ascó I and II Ascó, Cofrentes. Vandellós II.y Trillo. Previously Spain also had Joseph Cabrera.y Vandellòs I plants that have already stopped working.

France nuclear: France counts with 59 reactors and 23 nuclear power stations. Main France plants are the nuclear power of the Genès, the Chooz nuclear power and the Civaux nuclear power
United States nuclear: United States has 104 nuclear reactors and is currently the country with the largest number of nuclear power stations. The list of them you can see here them you can see here
Latin America nuclear power stations : in Latin America there are several countries with nuclear power plants. For example in Argentina we can find stations of the Embalse and Atucha I and II.
The Laguna Verde plant is located in Mexico and in Brazil the Central Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto

Power stations elsewhere in Europe: United Kingdom has 19 nuclear reactors, 10 Sweden, 5 Switzerland and Germany 17. Italy has no nuclear power plants and Germany committed to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2020.