Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top 5 inventions related to solar energy

As we already did with the wind energy, we are going to do a review for the five most interesting inventions of the past months, this time on solar energy.

-Thin and flexible CIGS technology solar sheets
The Swiss company Flisom developed a few solar panels that are thin flexible sheets, not of Silicon but of a much more economical material called CIGS, which is manufactured by compression of copper, indium, gallium and selenium. These sheets, being flexible could be used in small devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, computers port├ítiles… even for moons dyed buildings and cars.

-Solar Tower – the tallest building in Europe
The Solar Tower is an invention that will generate electricity thanks to a glass surface of 3 km in diameter that lies at the base of the Tower, this surface calientea air that then ascends by the 750 meters from the tower and so produces electricity to move the turbines that are inside. You can generate about 40 megawatts of electricity.

-Portable solar and wind energy
The Ecosphere Technologies company developed the Ecos LifeLink, a device about the size of a container truck which can be transported anywhere. And a system that purifies water powered by solar panels, which in turn generate electricity surplus to be used in emergency situations or why not feed any school has in its interior.

-Solar energy through holograms
It is not science fiction, but a technique that might be revolutionary. He is called Hologram Solar. It was developed by the Japanese company Prism Solar Technologies. Separates the light at different wavelengths through prisms, and thus concentrated energy of each length of the light wave (each color) in a photovoltaic cell different, making better use of space, and reducing the cost of the plates.

-Solar car battery charger
The ICP Solar company developed a practical charger of batteries powered by a solar panel. It has barely 15 centimeters long by 5 wide, and only weighs 400 grams. Connects to the cigarette lighter of the car and around recharge the battery of the car.
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