Thursday, July 12, 2012

Renewable Energy Landfill

In view of this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, has produced a report which is considered to landfills as a necessary component of our daily lives, being the first place are deposited the 513 kilograms of waste that a person makes per year, with most of them aimed at those locations.

In landfills there is obviously a large accumulation of waste will be progressively breaking down, leading to chemical reactions involving catalysts such as microorganisms, climatic factors and even the environment where waste is deposited, which accelerate or retard the decomposition according to where they were stored.

This decomposition generates a release of gases between which there is a large wealth of Methane and carbon dioxide, the former being used as a fuel additive in the same or as an important compound in order to develop them, in place of other fossil fuels .

Methane and carbon dioxide are gases that are between those that cause the greenhouse effect, the first 20 times more powerful, so its extraction and use not only has an economic purpose (replacing oil and its derivatives) but also an ecological purpose.

Obtaining this biogas has different techniques, varying in how they are used, the elements used and even how they are concentrated gases usable, so it is important to know that we can waste energy that can obtain directly or indirectly affect in our contemporary activities.