Monday, July 9, 2012

Tesla Model X

Urban mobility is pointing increasingly to the existence on the streets more and more vehicles that use clean energy, the most likely to be fully applied technology Electric Cars, with a lot of them already rolling down the streets, and projects to provide a sustainable platform for its operation, such as Wireless Charging in Avenues that will be launched in major cities.

On this occasion, we bring what will be the mainstay of one of the new models of the pioneers in Electric Motor technology and high performance, the U.S. company Tesla Motors, the presentation of a new prototype.

Family Vehicle

With the creation of the prototype Tesla Model X, aims to provide an electrical solution to those looking for a suitable car for the family, without having characteristics of a utility, but provides the features and amenities they offer.

This leads to a design that allows to place the same platform Battery Pack which is equipped in cars of this firm (and give this key autonomy) but mounted on a structure much higher than other cars of the firm.

Like any luxury car we dream to have, the rear seats are accessed through a system of gullwing doors (which Tesla prefers to call Hawk Wings) that allows complete freedom to include a third row of seats, which is easily accessible.

As for the engine, has two variants available (a 60 KWh and a 85-kWh) that revolve around the same performance, giving an acceleration of 0 to 100 in a range close to 5 seconds.

The production model will be available in late 2013, beginning to be delivered to buyers in early 2014.