Thursday, March 8, 2012

Contamination of water

Bringing our grain of sand to the matter, we have prepared a brief overview of what trafficking theme, towards understanding the different problems and forms of pollution that now day are detected, and to understand better why are certain preventive measures.

There are two ways of induction of water pollution, a shaped direct (in contact with the contaminant, intentionally) either in the form hint (the intention is not to dump the pollutant in water, but that it comes in contact through another medium)
The causes are then divided into two basic types:

Natural pollution: Water cycle, and includes the addition of minerals and organic waste taking contact with water, eliminating its purity and requiring a start treatment to be consumed by humans. 

Pollution AntrĂ³pica: as its name indicates, the source of pollution is the actions of man, with origins that are completely different (and in fact, on a daily basis are often discover more ways to damage the quality of the water) ranging from the use of pesticides, until discharged fuel both by boats as accidents in oil deposits.

As we have said, is a necessary good for life, by which the main consequence of the contamination of water is logically the damage to the many species that inhabit an aquatic ecosystem, by altering their living conditions and can even cause death.

The intake of water in poor condition or that it has been improperly treated can cause a large number of disorders to health, as well as alter the conditions of life of the surrounding areas and affect the economic activities that depend upon it.