Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Efficiency Energy in Fishing Boats

Once again we bring new developments submitted by Tecnalia News: in this case "Gestoil". This is a system to improve the energy efficiency of ships engaged in commercial fishing , which enable significant fuel savings, through which seeks to add to the efforts to turn the fishing industry in a sustainable economic activity and - its more profitable time.

The project has been developed azti-tecnalia - technological Center specializing in research marine and food - and has been presented before the main members of the fishing industry in the fair Sinaval-Eurofishing 2011. The proposal basically consists of a fuel management system for fishing vessels, with a low cost and a simple design that allows its easy handling. Gestoil will make it possible to monitor permanently the fuel consumption of the vessel from the same bridge. Based on this information the skipper of the boat may make an active and able to optimize the consumption of energy.

According to its developers, Gestoil can provide significant amounts of savings, which vary mainly according to mode of fishing: 25% in fishing to the trawl, 10% in fishing for tuna of live bait, and between 2% - 9% in trawling.