Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bases Militares con Energia Solar

This time we have encountered an application of this technology applied solar energy for public buildings, more precisely of the armed forces of the United States, who seek to solve their own power either from a renewable resource like the sun.

A study recently released by the Department of Defense has approved the measure in which they seek to generate up to 7 GW of Solar Energy in four of its military bases located in the California Desert, a figure that would be equivalent to seven nuclear power plants and logically, would have a dangerous level of contamination and void.

The analysis looked at the operation and activities of nine bases located between California and Nevada looking to develop a viable project and take advantage of the best possible way this location, which has a large tributary of solar energy to be tapped.

Moreover, it has begun to analyze all the potential locations of facilities that contain solar farms or similar establishments, as it has been estimated that you can get up to 30 times more solar energy than you would get in the plants mentioned, can supply entire cities and alleviate the problem of energy demand.

This will also have an impact on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide coming from power plants distributed throughout the country,